Collateral Loans on Property in Nigeria + Lenders

We never know if you’re thinking about getting a loan in Nigeria, and maybe someone has mentioned the term collateral loans. As its name implies, Collateral is something or a resource that is valuable that you offer to the lender as security for the loan. As you read this article, Collateral will be simplified to … Read more

How to Advertise Perfumes, Wigs & Makeup on Whatsapp 2023

How to advertise perfumes wigs makeup on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the social media platforms with over a billion users. The consequence of this information is that a virtual market can be created on its base. That is why this article will be based on all the tips on how to advertise perfumes, wigs and makeup on Whatsapp. However, before you can … Read more

7 Smart Ways to Make 5000 Naira & More Money Daily on Facebook

How to make 5000 naira and more money daily on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook in Nigeria There are many ways you can rack up cool cash simply by using Facebook. So many money-making opportunities lie within this blue app where you go every day to connect, learn, and get entertained. Let’s look at the various ways you can be able to make up … Read more

How to Make Money on Whatsapp Status and Whatsapp TV Views 2023

How to make money on Whatsapp status and Whatsapp TV

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How to Advertise Clothes, Shoes and Bags on Whatsapp Status

how to advertise clothes shoes bags on whatsapp status

Selling Clothes, Shoes and Bags on Whatsapp Whatsapp is a social media network that can be employed for two major reasons—communication and trade. We are all familiar with how it assists with communication, but then, trade? Without further ado, we will consider the tips on how you can advertise clothes, shoes and bags on Whatsapp … Read more

How to Start an Organic Skincare Business in Nigeria 2023

How to start and register an organic skincare business in Nigeria

How to start an organic skincare business in Nigeria Organic skincare products are one of the money-fetching products in Nigeria. That is why in this article, we will be considering how to start an organic skincare business in Nigeria and how you can register your skincare business in Nigeria. Organic skincare products are beauty and … Read more

Top 5 Lucrative Business Ideas in Lagos To Start in 2023

lucrative business in lagos

Profitable business in Lagos A lucrative business is best defined as one that employs small capital and fetches the sole proprietor heaps of profit, Lagos is one of the busiest and most-populated states in Nigeria, bagging a population count of about 10 million. It is believed that the honeycomb, or rather, money comb sits right … Read more

Piggery Farming in Nigeria – Guide on How to Start & Benefits

Piggery Farming in Nigeria

Piggery Farming in Nigeria Piggery farming in nigeria is not just farming, it’s serious business and should be taken as such. Most people think pig farming is all about building pig pens, buying pigs and then employing workers that will manage it and start making money after some months. If it were that easy everybody … Read more

Best Farming Business in Nigeria – Most Profitable Farming Business 2023

farming business in nigeria

Farming Business in Nigeria Most people rush into farming just because they heard people are going into it and are making money without realizing and knowing the requirements of such farming business before venturing into it. Any farming business you’re venturing into should be seen and taken as a very serious business. Knowing the amount … Read more

Make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria in 2023

how to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria

Real Estate Agent in Nigeria Real estate market in Nigeria is very competitive. If you’re not careful you will end up losing all your money and properties to fraudulent vendors or dubious agents. Successful investments in real estate leads to profitable investments see the Top 5 Strategies of Investing in Real Estate in Nigeria. Without … Read more