Best Farming Business in Nigeria – Most Profitable Farming Business 2023

Farming Business in Nigeria

Most people rush into farming just because they heard people are going into it and are making money without realizing and knowing the requirements of such farming business before venturing into it.
Any farming business you’re venturing into should be seen and taken as a very serious business. Knowing the amount of sacrifice, dedication and hard work needed in such business for it to succeed. Most people are faced with problems of choosing a good farming business. Well in this article we are going to be looking at 11 most profitable farming business in nigeria.

farming business in nigeria

1. Catfish Farming Business in Nigeria

There is a very high demand of catfish in nigeria. Especially in places like restaurants, hotels, retail and wholesale sellers in the market.

Most nigerians have also resorted to preparing their dish with fish as most people prefer it to meat due to it health benefits. You’ll keep smiling to the bank just by supplying to these areas where catfish is on high demand.

2. Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

I’m sure you must have heard about poultry business or poultry farming. This is a very common business restricted not only to farmers but to every nigerian who loves to have a small side business that churns out good profit every month.

Poultry business is one of the lucrative businesses in nigeria you can start with little capital and one good thing about this business is you must not own a farm like other businesses before you can start. By just setting up a simple conducive pen structure at your backyard you’re already halfway there.

Depending on your budget you can set it up as a big business by getting a farm and paying workers or run it by yourself as a small business at your backyard either way you’ll still make huge returns from it. You don’t only make money by selling the livestock itself, you also make money by selling the products of the livestock(eggs).

But know that poultry business is not a bed of roses. It takes times, sacrifice and well calculated risks before you can start getting huge revenue returns, it’s not a get rich quick scheme. See the complete guide on setting up a lucrative poultry business in nigeria

3. Pig Farming Business in Nigeria

Pork meat is widely consumed in nigeria. Pig farming is quite a profitable farming business. One pig is sold at a price of 10, 30 or 70k depending on the size. you can also supply pigs to hotels, restaurants, or market sellers.

Pig farming is a fast business as the pigs multiply very fast and your only cost will be mostly on feed and vaccines when necessary but you wouldn’t worry about that due to the wide range of profit you would be making. You’ll not only make money by selling the livestock. You can also make money by selling pigs faeces to farmers as it is a very great source of manure to their crops.

4. Snail Farming Business in Nigeria

This is another fast lucrative farming business in nigeria with low capital and it’s only known by a few people. You can make 800, 000 monthly just by rearing snails. Snails are not only demanded for its meat purposes but also demanded for production of some products like cosmetics, soap, beads etc.

5. Cassava Farming

Cassava is one of the major sources of food in nigeria and one of the most consumed foods in nigeria. This farming business is so lucrative as there are so many foods in high demand which can be processed from cassava. Foods like garri, fufu, abacha and so many others are all by products of cassava and frequently consumed by nigerians.

High yield species of cassava have being introduced to farmers which allows them to produce more cassava per plot thus leading to more sales and more profit.

6. Rice Farming

Rice is one of the most populous food in nigeria. Almost every nigerian eats rice daily. Venturing into rice farming now can very profitable as more value have being placed in our local rice following the ban of importation of foreign rice.

Most people in nigeria prefer to eat our local rice due to its nutritional contents and less starch. Thereby creating more demand for local rice. Based on these rice farming is a very good farming business in nigeria you can venture into and make profits.

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7. Plantain Farming

This is another farming business that yields reasonable profit to nigerian farmers. Plantain is another popular food widely consumed and highly priced in nigeria.

Nigerians enjoy eating plantain in whichever way it is processed. Either boiled, roasted or fried, in fact most people regard it as their best food. A good investment in plantain farming can yield millions of naira in a year if you understand and maintain your plantain farm very well.

8. Fruit Farming

Where do you think fruit juice come from? I’m sure you must have wondered the raw material used in the production of some of the juice we drink everyday. Apart from that most nigerians have resorted to adding fruits to their daily diet due to its health benefits.

With this you would know that fruits are in high demand. If not for personal consumption but for production purposes. You can be supplying to retail buyers in the market as well as fruit juice companies and attract good revenue to yourself everyday day.

9. Maize Farming

Maize farming is a common farming business in nigeria. It takes less than 4 months between planting and harvesting. I’ve noticed that many nigerians love eating corn even when it’s boiled or roasted.

During the corn season you can make a lot of money either by boiling or roasting your corn and then sell to passerby or travellers. You can add coconut or pear to your corn as people love those two combinations. However you can still be a supplier and make overwhelming returns if you’re dealing on a large scale.

10. Goat Farming

Just like beans farming, goat farming is another business popular in the northern area of nigeria. With ceremonies and occasions happening everyday in nigeria, you’re sure have daily supply and sales of goats. A full grown goat is sold between 15, 000 to 40, 000 naira, imagine the amount of money you’ll be making everyday.

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11. Beans Farming

If you are in nigeria you should know that a bag of beans cost twice more than a bag of rice and garri. Though there are factors you must consider before venturing into this business.

As we all know beans is mostly supplied the northerners basically because their climate and land favours beans farming. Beans farming requires enough capital if you’re running it on a large scale but it’s not compared to the huge profit you’ll make from it.


This Farming businesses in nigeria are not a get rich quick scheme, it requires lots of sacrifice, time, hard work, dedication and sometimes might cost you a lot of money but has a lasting reward. I hope this article was helpful to you, don’t forget to share.