How to Cook Egusi Soup with Tomatoes – Step by Step Guide

How to prepare egusi soup with tomatoes

Egusi soup with tomatoes is a very nutritious and delicious recipe because of the high nutritional value present in fresh tomatoes.So today we are going to go through how to make egusi soup with tomatoes, yes you heard me. Alright sit tight as we run through this recipe of egusi soup with tomatoes, try this recipe if you have not tried it before I bet you will enjoy it, very delicious.

how to make egusi soup with tomatoes

Ingredients for making egusi soup with tomatoes

1. Egusi
2. Onion
3. Stock fish
4. Salt
5. Seasoning cubes (maggi)
6. Fresh tomatoes
7. Fresh or dry pepper
8. Crayfish
9. Palm oil
10. Vegetable leaves (ugu)
11. Meat (cow meat, goat meat or chicken)

How to cook egusi soup with fresh tomatoes

how to cook egusi soup with tomatoes

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Meat stock

1. Add one sliced onion to your meat, add a little bit of salt and boil your meat stock with a cup of water for about 20 – 30mins on a medium heat.
2. While your meat stock is cooking slice your fresh tomatoes and fresh pepper, blend them together and keep them aside.
Note: The purpose of using tomatoes is to thicken the egusi soup, so be careful not to put excess of the tomatoes. You can also use usu or achi to thicken your egusi soup but in this recipe we’re going to be preparing the egusi soup with tomatoes.

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3. After your meat stock must have cooked for about 20 – 30 mins. Turn the meat stock into a big plate or bowl because you’re going to use that same pot for frying your egusi or you leave the meat stock in that pot and use another pot for frying your egusi, make your choice.

Add your egusi

4. Now in frying your egusi. Add 2 spoonful of palm oil into the pot, add your sliced onions with your blended fresh tomatoes, stir and allow it to fry for about 5 mins so it could dry a bit.
5. After about 5 mins when the tomatoes is a bit dry. Gently add your blended egusi into the stew, stir continually on a low heat until the egusi has thickened and mixed properly with the stew.

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6. Now add your meat stock into the pot of egusi soup, with a cup of water or less depending on the quantity already in the meat stock and stir together.
7. Next you add your crayfish, stock fish, dry pepper, cubes of maggi and salt for more taste. Stir until all ingredients have properly mixed together.
8. Cover your pot and allow the egusi soup with tomatoes to cook for about 5 mins.
9. After cooking for about 5 mins, open the pot and add your vegetable leaves(ugu) and stir.
10. For your vegetable to be fresh allow it to cook for about 1-2 mins, then turn of your gas.
Now your egusi with fresh tomatoes is ready, serve with garri, semovita or wheat.

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