Does Vaseline Kill Scabies and Mites?

Vaseline for scabies Asides all the methods of treatment that will be listed below the next section of this article, some people have chosen to try out Vaseline to know if it can kill their scabies. Vaseline is a thick oil-based paste that is applied on the skin. As a result of its thickness, it … Read more

How to Use Garlic to Last Longer in Bed

If you’ve been searching for ways to improve your stamina in bed using natural means, then you’re in the right place. Today we’re going to talk about Garlic. Garlic isn’t just for cooking because it may also help you last longer in bed. Let’s dig into how you can use this natural remedy. Garlic is … Read more

Benefits of Raw Onion Sexually – Erectile Dysfunction, Women, etc

Benefits of raw onion sexually

Benefits of raw onion sexually The benefits of raw onion sexually are linked to its aphrodisiac properties. The term ‘aphrodisiac’ used here describes an ability of raw onions to increase libido as well as fortify the organs of reproduction. For example, onions when eaten raw have been shown to boost testosterone, follicle stimulating hormones, etc. … Read more

Can Tiger Nut Reduce Belly Fat? Does it Reduce Weight?

Can tiger nut reduce belly fat

Can tiger nut reduce belly fat? Yes, tiger nut can help reduce belly fat. They contain several nutrients that can keep you going if you include them in your weight loss recipes. Meanwhile, note that tiger nuts will not by themselves cause a reduction in your belly fat. You’d probably end up hungry and then, … Read more

Ginger Side Effects, Who Should Never Use it & When not to take it

Ginger Side Effects, Who Should Never Use it & When not to take it

Ginger is great for food. However, here, we will consider the side effects of ginger, its side effects on empty stomach, when not to take ginger and who should never use it, as well as the medications that should not be taken with ginger. Bear in mind that all of these details are given to … Read more

How to use abere seed for fertility, weight loss, fibroid, hypertension

how to use abere seed for fertility, weight loss, fibroid, hypertension

Abere seed, scientifically known as Hunteria Umbellata, is a fruit with a bitter taste. It has a tough outer shell that can be cracked in order to obtain the soft seed within it. The soft seed is usually eaten by itself or mixed with other herbs in order to obtain its therapeutic effect. The therapeutic … Read more

Benefits of Palm Wine to a Man and a Woman

Benefits of palm wine to man and woman

Palm wine is a local Nigerian drink that has proven to help improve the health of the cardiac system. Issues like reduced blood pressure, cancer, etc. have also been brought under control after the consumption of the drink. All of these occur as a result of the high level of riboflavin that is contained in … Read more

Benefits of Eating Raw Ginger on Empty Stomach

benefits of eating raw ginger in empty stomach

Can I eat raw ginger on empty stomach? Ginger is rarely ever eaten without it first being infused into a meal, smoothie, drink, etc. In such mixed forms, i.e., formulations, you can conveniently eat ginger on empty stomach. In this article you’re going to see what happens when you eat ginger on empty stomach and … Read more

How Many Tiger Nuts Should I Eat a Day?

How many tiger nuts should I eat a day

How many tiger nuts should I eat a day? A handful of tiger nuts per day is just enough for you. Tiger nuts, also known as chufa nuts are very nutritional root vegetables with stripes running across their bodies. They are known for their small bud sizes, sweet taste, and coconut flavor. Most times, the … Read more

Benefits of Eating Papaya at Night – Best time to eat it at night

benefits of eating papaya at night

Can we eat Papaya at night? Yes, papaya can be consumed at night because it helps to induce bowel movements and to also battle against constipation. That way, you can sleep freely without feeling too full or bloated. However, with this ‘night-eating’ comes a catch. You should plan out your meals strategically. Fruits cannot be … Read more