Top 10 Highest Paid Medical Courses in Nigeria and their Salaries

  If you’re thinking about a career in the medical field, you’re making a great choice. It’s not only a noble profession but can also be financially rewarding. In this article, we’ll go through the top 10 medical courses in Nigeria that offer high salaries. If you’re ready to learn about these exciting medical careers … Read more

4 Year Medical Courses in Nigeria + Degrees that Pay Well

Before I got into the University, UNILAG precisely, I only knew about medicine, pharmacy, and Nursing. Just like many other secondary school graduates aspiring to pursue a career in this field, I wasn’t aware that there are other top medical courses in Nigeria. Guess what? There’s a wide range of medical courses offered in Nigerian … Read more

How to Print JAMB Admission Letter After Regularization 2023

How to print JAMB admission letter after regularization

Printing your JAMB admission letter after regularization is an important step in the process of enrolling in college. It is important to understand the process to ensure that you have all the necessary documents and information to get your admission letter. The JAMB admission letter is a very important document every undergraduate intended to study … Read more

How to Get JAMB Profile Code through Email 2022/2023

how to get jamb profile code through email

Can I get my JAMB profile code through email? Yes, you can get your JAMB profile code through email. Profile codes are ten-digit numbers that have often time been accessed via USSD. But now, you can access your profile code from your email. First, note that your profile code has to first be generated by … Read more

How to Change Your Marital Status on NYSC Portal in 2023

How to Change Marital Status on NYSC Portal

NYSC marital status The NYSC program is one that anyone below the age of thirty can enroll for. In a situation where you got married during NYSC, or made a mistake during your NYSC registration, you’d need to effect a change on your NYSC portal. So, here, we will be studying how to change marital … Read more

Documents Needed for NYSC & How to Upload on NYSC Portal

Documents needed for NYSC How to upload document on NYSC portal online

Documents needed for NYSC online registration Are you perhaps familiar with the NYSC program? NYSC—National Youth Service Corps—is a program that all Nigerian youths below the age of thirty take to serve the country. It also happens to be a compulsory program where the applicants are posted to states far from their state of residence. … Read more

How to Check Admission Status on JAMB CAPS 2022/2023

JAMB CAPS admission status JAMB CAPS is an acronym that stands for Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System. It refers to a website through which you can monitor your admission. In a situation where you are offered admission, you get to either accept or decline it from the JAMB CAPS. So, regardless … Read more

JAMB Printout 2023 – How to Reprint Exam Slip & Original Result

jamb email login

JAMB printout The JAMB printout comprises of various printed documents mandatory for you to have as a UTME candidate. Usually, there are different kinds of printouts that you can get from the JAMB website. There is one that gives you details as regards your registration—the different courses you would be sitting for, your registration number, … Read more

How to Check and Print Your JAMB Admission Letter 2023

jamb email login

JAMB admission letter The JAMB admission letter is one that is offered once you accept the admission offered to you on the JAMB CAPS. It is usually issued by the JAMB Registrar to the University you registered for. It is very important that you have the printout of the letter as it would be required … Read more

How to Login to JAMB Portal Using Registration Number in 2023

JAMB e-facility portal The JAMB e-facility portal is a portal where you run all of your JAMB registration procedures. You also get all of your JAMB print-outs from the portal. You could otherwise refer to the portal as the official JAMB portal. Here, we will be looking at the different things you can do on … Read more