Documents Needed for NYSC & How to Upload on NYSC Portal

Documents needed for NYSC How to upload document on NYSC portal online

Documents needed for NYSC online registration

Are you perhaps familiar with the NYSC program? NYSC—National Youth Service Corps—is a program that all Nigerian youths below the age of thirty take to serve the country. It also happens to be a compulsory program where the applicants are posted to states far from their state of residence. The reason for this is to allow them to mix with the other tribes. So, here, we will be discussing the different documents needed for NYSC online registration and how you can upload your document on NYSC portal.

However, first, you need to know that you are to proceed for the registration only after you have seen your name in the Senate list. To know if your name is on the Senate list, follow the steps listed out below;

– Head over to the portal for NYSC Senate via this link—

– Choose your Institution

– Present your matriculation number and surname within the columns where they are required

– Choose your date of birth

– Click ‘Search to know the status of your mobilization.

It is at this point that you would be allowed to register on the NYSC portal. Fortunately, the NYSC portal is always open for you to make the necessary registrations. So, the basic documents and items needed for the NYSC online registration include the following;

– An active phone number

– Biometrics—finger prints, face scans, etc.

– Passport Photograph (should be with white background)

– Email account

– Password details for your account

– JAMB registration number

– Matriculation number in University

– Names—Surname, First Name, Middle name.

– Date of Birth

– Place of birth

– Gender

Marital Status—Single, Married, or divorced (If you are married, you would be requested to submit documents as regards the following;

  • Change of name published on any of the Nigerian papers.
  • Husband’s ID card—Driving license, National ID card, etc.
  • Marriage certificate
  • Utility bill
  • Attestation letter from spouse’s place of work.

– Physically challenged/not

– Nationality

– State of Origin

– Local Government Area

– Present Contact Address

– Permanent Address

– Town/Village

– Details as regards your next of kin

– Details as regards the schools you attended

– Languages you speak

– States you have visited

– Specification of your wears—Shirt size, Trouser size.

Before proceeding to register for the NYSC program, ensure you create an email address in case you do not have one. It would be preferable for you to use email addresses from Google’s Gmail. Also, when registering, you should follow these tips;

– Do not capture your biometric details with proxy

– Ensure that you check through the details you presented again and again before submitting.

– Tap the checkbox for the terms and conditions for registration

– While uploading your scanned signature, ensure that you have them scanned with a digital signature scanner first.

– Click ‘Submit’

– Ensure that you record the details of your login safely for future purposes.

Also, in cases where you have serious health issues, you should submit the following documents. That way, you can be posted somewhere close to you;

– A medical document from either a federal or state hospital stating your health issue.

– The details of your doctor—name and other contact details.

For foreign students, the following documents would be required of you;

– A scanned copy of your International Passport

– Original copy of your certificate—Degree or HND

– Original copy of O’Level result

– Evaluation letter

– Resident permit documents

How to upload document on NYSC portal

Uploading documents on the NYSC portal is very easy. The most important tip you should employ is that you upload clear images. So, in a case where you plan on conducting the registration yourself, you can follow the tips below on how to upload documents on NYSC portal.

– Click the link for ‘Fresh Registration’ if you are doing this for the first time.

– In a case where you were previously posted, but did not report to the place of posting, click the ‘Revalidation link’ to revalidate it.

– If you are in a category of persons that did not finish the process registration after starting, click the ‘Login Here’ icon to finish.

– Do the scanning of your biometrics by yourself! This information would be used in identifying you!

– You would see a box for the uploading of your photograph. Once you click it, you would be asked to choose from the images stored on your device. Ensure that the photograph is taken with you standing in front of a white background. The details of your face must be clear! Also, do not make the mistake of uploading a photograph where you are wearing a NYSC vest. Once you upload the passport photograph, you cannot change it.

To upload proof of marriage on NYSC portal, employ the tips below;

– Log in to your NYSC portal

– Copy and paste the documents using this Upload link—

– Click the ‘Submit’ icon.


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