NIMC Verification Portal – How to Verify Your NIN Online 2023

NIMC verification portal

NIMC verification portal how to verify nin online

The NIMC verification portal is one that is available for those that desire to participate in the verification process. The process of verification is handled by the NIMC Verification Service. There are several forms of the verification service, and here, we will be discussing a couple of them and how you can verify your nin online.

The Web Version

To access this version of the NIMC verification, tap the URL link. This link is usually provided through a safe and secure connect. It allows specific people to access the verification platform. Such bodies also get to hook up a specific number of users for the process. The processes involved with this include the following;

  • The corporate body should submit a request to the CEO of the National Identity Management Commission.
  • Execution of a binding contract between NIMC and the corporate body.
  • Filling of the NIMC Verification Service forms.
  • Designation of people to become either the administrators or users.

The Desktop Version

This version is one that differs from the Web version via the following ways;

  • It works with identification styles peculiar to NIMC. Examples include Finger Print Scanners and other devices that allow for the submission of biometrics.
  • Verification can always be run even without the NIN.

This version requires that the corporate body go through with the following steps;

  • The body is to table a request to the NIMC in form of a letter.
  • There should be execution of a binding contract between the two parties. Failure to obey or follow through with the details in the contract would lead to penalization.
  • The NIMC verification forms should be filled.
  • Administrators and users should be elected.

The two options listed above depend on two major factors. One is the availability of a stable network and the other is the availability of the NIMC core verification backend. Also, such bodies would be available during the seven days of the week for twenty-four hours.

How to verify NIN online

The steps that would be discussed here would only help you have a hand in the speeding up of the verification process. You could also follow the steps below to get started with the process of verification. On how to verify NIN online, follow the procedures below;

– Visit the website for ‘NIN Verification Services.’

– Click the ‘Verify NIN’ option.

– Type in your 12-digit NIN within the box it is required in.

– Type in the security code in the next box. This code would be sent to you.

– Review the details you typed in to ensure that there are no errors.

– Click the ‘Submit’ icon after you are done entering the details above.

To know if your NIN has been verified, you could try linking it to any of your SIMS. If this process comes out to be successful, you can be sure that your NIN has been verified. If it doesn’t, it means that you have to wait a little more or contact any of the branches of NIMC close to you.

How to link your nin to your Mtn, Airtel, Glo and 9mobile sim cards

To link your MTN line, dial *785*Eleven digit NIN# Ensure that you do the linking via the number that you want to have linked to the NIN.

For Airtel users dial *121*1# and then, follow the prompts that appear on your screen afterwards.

For Glo users, you can simply dial *109# and follow the prompts that appear on your screen afterwards.

For 9mobile/Etisalat users dial *200*8# and follow the prompts that appear on your screen afterwards.

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