How to Advertise Clothes, Shoes and Bags on Whatsapp Status

Selling Clothes, Shoes and Bags on Whatsapp

how to advertise clothes shoes bags on whatsapp status

Whatsapp is a social media network that can be employed for two major reasons—communication and trade. We are all familiar with how it assists with communication, but then, trade? Without further ado, we will consider the tips on how you can advertise clothes, shoes and bags on Whatsapp status!

First, you need to know that the degree of activity that runs on Whatsapp is highly dependent on the number of contacts you have stored on your mobile device. Also, to make high profit and sales, you have to be able to extend your products to a wide range of people at once! Now, there are two options that you could opt for;

Get more contacts

The more contacts you get, the more people you get to reach out to. Whatsapp fortunately has features like ‘Status’ and ‘Groups’ that allow for mass communication of useful information. On adding more contacts, you get more people to view your status. Also, you could create groups or send broadcast messages to everyone on your contact list about your brand!

Most people find it hard to get more contacts, probably because they aren’t exactly extroverts. However, here is a trick you could employ! You could tell your friends to tell people about you and your brand. To get their attention, you have to forward a striking message that pushes them to chat you up! You could also organize contests where people compete by getting you more contacts. Whoever ends up introducing you to the highest number of people wins.

Pay influencers

The influencers of Whatsapp are those that make money just from the huge number of contacts on their phone. All you need to do is send them details about your brand, as well as striking pictures that would get people attracted to you. These influencers then go on to market your products on their status. This approach has proven to be very effective in marketing products.

How to advertise clothes on Whatsapp status

The Whatsapp status lasts for twenty-four hours before the contents end up vanishing. Now, most people would view a status update for less than three seconds. So, if we were to do the math, we’d see that you only have seconds to convince your viewer or contact of your product. So, here, we will consider how to advertise clothes on Whatsapp status.

Post several pictures

The best way to get people interested in the clothes you sell is by posting pictures of your products. If you fail to do this, you may end up not making as much profit as you planned! Engage their visual imagery to the core by posting the best of the clothes you have! Do everything and anything to ensure that you get them awe-stricken.

Post customer reviews

One of the most effective techniques of getting the trust of people is by getting your customers to give reviews. That way, your potential customers can know that you aren’t out there to scam them of their money.

Type messages that would push them to take an action

For example, if you plan on selling a nice gown with flower prints, you could use these words— have you been searching for that perfect dress for Sunday? Here is one that would spice up the picture you take in a nice flowery garden! Now, these words get the customers itching to buy the flowery gown. You could even go further by putting on the gown yourself (you could also hire a model) and then, take a picture in a flowery garden!


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How to advertise shoes on Whatsapp

On how to advertise shoes on Whatsapp, there are several tips for you!

Quality ascertainment

Let your customers know the quality of your shoes by posting videos of the making process. This point stands only in cases where you are the one in charge of the production. Show them where you get your raw materials from, how neatly and tightly you join the edges together, and all those catchy details!

Post images of the shoes

Using high-quality cameras for this purpose will go a long way in making your shoes look very attractive to the potential customer. You could also promise your customers special offers like polishes for their shoes, shoe-fillers, socks, special boxing, or any other package that would make them choose yours over someone else that sells the same kind of shoes.

Build trust by posting customer reviews

Posting what your customer has to say about your shoes will surely get potential customers to trust you.

How to advertise bags on Whatsapp status

On how to advertise bags on Whatsapp status, follow the tips below:

Post videos of how the bag can be used

Now, most people out there do not see the point of having a bag. Now, it is your very duty to convince them that the bag is what they need. You could start by showing them how much they can stuff into a bag.

For example, if it’s a school bag, show them the number of books that could go into the bag. If it’s a fashion bag, show them the different ways they could use it—by slinging it across the frame of their chest, down their shoulders, etc. These details will make them see reasons to get the bag.

Attach special goodies

You could attract customers by promising them special gifts within the bags. Some of these gifts include chocolate bars, cookies, jotters, pens, or any other item that they wouldn’t get if they bought the bag from another seller. You could also promise them discount in cases where they buy more than a bag. Or better still, you could reduce the fees paid for delivery of the item.

Always fix the price of the bags to the pictures

Now, one big mistake that most sellers make is leaving out the prices of the bags they post on their status. Most times, some customers may like the bag, but may not be interested in hitting you up just to ask for the price.

Regardless of the method that you use for advertising, never forget to post your customer’s reviews. That’s the best way to get your customers to trust in you and your brand!