My NIN Failed NIMC Verification? – Why and How to Be Verified

NIN failed NIMC verification

NIN is a national identity number given to citizens of Nigeria, in order to keep a general database of the people in the country. Now, after making registrations, you have to wait for your NIN to be verified. It is only after verification that you can put the account into proper use. Most people give this complaint—My NIN failed NIMC verification. However, the first thing is how did you come to this conclusion?

First, it is safe to confirm if your NIN has been verified or not. The process of verification just covers NIMC ensuring that the details submitted are not false. The following details are checked thoroughly before they get uploaded on the NIMC platform—name, fingerprint details, etc. Follow the steps below to know if your NIN has been verified.

  • Dial *346#
  • You would see a list of options displayed. Click ‘NIN Retrieval.’
  • Enter ‘1’ if you are dealing with the same number that you used for the NIN enrolment
  • You would be prompted to follow some instructions that appear on your screen.
  • Type in whatever details you are requested of.

Usually, it takes about fifteen working days for your NIN number to be activated. So, if the number of days between your date of registration and whatever date you are in currently doesn’t make up to 15, you could just exercise some patience. Your inability to use your NIN does not mean that it failed the NIMC verification. Also, if you want to validate your NIN number, you could just follow the steps outlined below;

  • Visit the website for ‘NIN verification services.’
  • Click ‘Verify option.’
  • Type in the 12 digits of your NIN number within the space provided
  • Type in the security code after entering your NIN number
  • Click the ‘Submit’ icon.

Why has my NIN failed NIMC verification?

For those asking why their NIN failed NIMC verification, here is a response for you! The only time the process of verification can fail is when you do not enter in a certain detail correctly. The process of verification involves NIMC ensuring that the details you submitted are right and unquestionable. Once that fact is ascertained, your NIN would immediately be activated.

In a case where you are having issues with the verification of your account, proceed to any branch of NIMC office close to you. Then, table your complaints to them. Most likely, such situations occur when a particular detail was inputted wrongly. Most times, during registration, the biometrics do not upload successfully, and it would be required that you come back for a recapture.

Also, you should know that the process of NIMC verification ends two weeks after you registered. So, if yours isn’t more than that time frame, you might want to exercise a bit of patience. You could also head over to any of the branches of the NIMC office to request for an accelerated activation of your NIN in case you need it urgently.

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NIN failed NIMC verification