How to Change Your Marital Status on NYSC Portal in 2023

NYSC marital status

How to Change Marital Status on NYSC Portal

The NYSC program is one that anyone below the age of thirty can enroll for. In a situation where you got married during NYSC, or made a mistake during your NYSC registration, you’d need to effect a change on your NYSC portal. So, here, we will be studying how to change marital status on NYSC portal.

First, you need to know that the affirmation of your marital status on the NYSC portal requires you to present some essential documents which will serve as proof. The documents involved for the affirmation include the following;

Evidence that you are married

You would need to submit a copy of your marriage certificate for this.

Evidence of the state of residence of your husband

This evidence is needed in case you want to do your NYSC program in the same state your husband lives in. You could get his identity card, NEPA bill, or any document that validates his geographical address.

Proof of identity of husband

This proof is required so that NYSC can be sure that your husband truly exists. It also will help them to ascertain his citizenship. For this, you can submit a copy of his Driver’s License or National Identity card.

Letter from the place of work of your husband

In case your husband is self-employed, you can easily present the utility bills he has used in the past. These bills should bear his name and geographical address.

A proof of your change of name

Change if name is usually done on any of the Nigerian papers. After paying for a slot on the paper, your change of name would be publicly declared. Get a copy of this declaration.

Meanwhile, you should ensure that these documents are scanned to ensure clarity. In a case where they are not clear enough, the documents might end up getting rejected at the end of the process.

How to change marital status on NYSC portal

To change your marital status on the NYSC portal, follow the steps listed out below;

– Head over to NYSC login portal with this link—

– Log into your account by typing in your username and password details.

– Click the ‘Apply for Correction’s icon.

– You would see some fields where particular details would be required of you. Type in the required details within the boxes.

– Click ‘Place Request to Submit.’

– If the change is approved, you’d know immediately.

To upload a document on the portal, follow the steps below;

– Log in to your NYSC portal with your login details—username and password.

– Open a new window with the browser you used for the above activity. Then, copy this upload link—

– Tap ‘Update documents’

– Ensure that you have all the documents listed above safely uploaded on your website.

– Click ‘Submit.’

In a case where one of your submissions was rejected, follow the steps below to upload scanned documents of higher quality and clarity;

– Head over to the upload link given above.

– Tap the rejected documents.

– Tap the ‘Edit’ feature.

– Upload the new documents.

If these documents are also not of high clarity, they may end up getting rejected again. So, instead of uploading a picture of the document, ensure that you have it scanned. That way, the details can be read through and be understood.