Can You Leave Aloe Vera in Your Hair Without Washing it Out?

Can you leave Aloe Vera in your hair without washing it out?

Yes, you can leave Aloe Vera in your hair without washing it out. Aloe Vera is one of the ingredients utilized in the production of hair creams, which are usually not washed out of the hair after application. So, instead of harm, you’d do yourself a lot of good by leaving Aloe Vera in your hair.

Benefits of Applying Aloe Vera Gel on Hair

Let’s see some of the benefits an Aloe Vera treated hair enjoys.
    1. Moisture
If your hair is natural and prone to breakage, it could be because of dried out edges and scalp. The dryness causes friction between the strands and that inevitably leads to breakage of your hair. However, the story changes when Aloe Vera is involved. It is one of the best moisturizers you’d find out there, since the natural plant itself contains about 90% of water. To work with the gel, rub some on your palms and then, work them into the mass of your hair and scalp. That way, the strands glide smoothly over one another—as a result of the lubrication—thereby reducing breakage.
    1. Anti-ultraviolet ray constituents
Aloe Vera has been noted to comprise of agents that make it resistant to the ultraviolet radiations. What these radiations do is to weaken the hair strands, thereby making them prone to breakage. They also alter the color and shine of hair, making the said hair look a lot less appealing. So, if you need your hair protected, you can work Aloe Vera into your hair.
    1. Scalp nourishment
Aloe Vera is said to comprise of essential minerals and vitamins that boost the health of the scalp and the hair strands. Some of these Vitamins include Vitamin A, C and E. These vitamins will protect your hair from damaging free radicals and also fight against inflammations.

How long should Aloe Vera stay in your hair?

Aloe Vera can be applied to the hair in different forms. Some could just cut a leaf off the plant, peel one of its faces, scoop the gel out, and then, rub it into their hair. Meanwhile, there are other forms that Aloe Vera has been constituted into that are just great for your hair. And each of these has various time brackets for application.  Check these out;
    • The Aloe Vera Overnight Hair Spray
This spray is one that you can easily grab from the counters at a store near you. You could also choose to make yours! What you need to do is get one or two leaves of an Aloe Vera plant and then, use a knife to peel off one of its inner faces. After doing that, use a stainless steel spoon to scoop out the gel into a cup. The more the spray you want to make, the more the leaves you’d need. Here, we’ll use half a cup of Aloe Vera gel coupled with a quarter cup of ginger juice. For the best results, get freshly extracted ginger juice. Add the two ingredients into a blender and then, pulse until you get a smooth uniform mixture. Next, get a clean (and probably sterilized) bottle. Ensure that it has a nozzle mouth that’ll allow it work effectively as a spray. Pour in the blended mixture into the bottle and then, seal it up with the nozzle head. While that sits nicely on a counter, wash up your hair with your shampoo. You can skip the conditioning process for now. Here, Aloe Vera would be used as a hair mask which works to condition the hair. So, after washing, spray the mixture right unto your scalp. Then, use the pad of your fingers to massage your scalp so that the mixture goes right in. You can then work the spray up to the ends of your hair, i.e., the strands. However, note that the more your massage your scalp with this mixture, the better the result you get. Massaging your scalp will help you increase the rate of blood circulation around it, and that’s great for boosting your hair growth. After massaging, you could choose to wash the mix off your hair or leave it overnight.
    • The Aloe Vera Oil
The good thing about oils is that they are easily absorbed by the scalp. They are also good agents for the massaging of the scalp. You can also get this oil from any store near you or make yours at home. To do that, cut off some leaves from the Aloe Vera plant and then, slice off one of the faces of the leaf. Scoop the gel out as carefully as you can until you get a generous serving. To give the Aloe Vera gel an oily base, you’d need Coconut oil. You could use any other oil though. But then, coconut oil has several good things it does to the hair. So, if you used it alongside Aloe Vera, you’d get amazing results. Unto the preparation of the Aloe Vera oil, start by setting a saucepan on a cooker burning at medium heat. Pour in the coconut oil into the pan and then, allow it to warm up a little. It should not sizzle or boil though. Once that is done, add in your Aloe Vera gel to the oil and then, stir with a wooden paddle. Continue to stir the mixture about until the color change from a pale to a very dark residue. Turn off the fire and then, leave the mixture to cool. To obtain the oil only, you’d have to go through a separating process. Set a strainer atop a bottle or jar and then, pour the mixture through the strainer. A black residue remains on the strainer while the oil drains down into the bottle. It is better you use this oil before you shampoo your hair. The reason is that hair, when it is too oily could constitute as a serious nuisance. You’d be unable to lay your head anywhere without leaving a mark. The scalp could even get suffocated as a result. But then, it gets all cool when you leave the oil on your head for about three hours and then, wash it with shampoo shortly after. You could also leave the oil in throughout the night. However, you’d need to keep your hair wrapped in a bonnet or something that can prevent the oil from smearing across your pillows and bed spreads. Also, for best results, try massaging your scalp after using the gel for about twenty minutes.
    • Aloe Leave-in Conditioner
This form of Aloe Vera is what you can use right after you get your hair shampooed. A conditioner will make your hair softer and will also integrate certain minerals and nutrients into your hair follicles. These nutrients would in turn nourish your hair and scalp, prevent your hair strands from breaking, help the strands go softer, etc. This conditioner can also be made at home. First, you’d need to scoop out the gel from the Aloe Vera leaves. After that, get any oil ready. Make sure the oil is vital for hair growth. Here, Lavender oil was used and is recommended. Mix the two ingredients in a bowl and then, transfer them into a bottle. After washing your hair with shampoo, apply this conditioning mix to your hair, leave it for about ten minutes, and then, wash off. Meanwhile, as you apply the conditioner to your hair, make sure that you do not apply it right to your scalp. That technique leads to the clogging of your hair follicles. Work the mix only on the outermost tips of your hair and then, allow it to drain slowly down into the scalp.