Does Vaseline Kill Scabies and Mites?

Vaseline for scabies

Asides all the methods of treatment that will be listed below the next section of this article, some people have chosen to try out Vaseline to know if it can kill their scabies. Vaseline is a thick oil-based paste that is applied on the skin. As a result of its thickness, it could succeed in cutting out the supply of air to the mites. Once air supply is cut off, the population of mites can be reduced effectively.

However, it has been noticed that mites may have the ability to survive without oxygen for a while. The effect of that on the use of Vaseline as treatment is that it has to be coated thickly across the surface of the skin.

The Vaseline also must stay on the skin for long periods of time. This process might bring discomfort to the affected individual, but then, it ensures that the mites are suffocated effectively.

Does Vaseline kill scabies?

Vaseline does not work to kill scabies though. Vaseline does not contain any drug in it that can actively control the itching or other effects caused by the mites. It is simply a product from petroleum that is used to keep the skin glowing. The reason Vaseline may not have produced a useful effect include these;

    • Failure of the affected person to dab it thickly on his or her skin. Really, this can be very uncomfortable. Vaseline is too greasy.

    • Even if the thick layers are applied on the skin, no one would want to keep it on for a period as long as five hours.

So, Vaseline does not kill scabies. it is advised that the affected individual works with any of the other treatment methods listed below in this outline. Tea tree oil could be used though. It helps to control itching and in getting rid of the rashes that occur on the skin as a result of the mites.

This oil can also be sprayed to the bed on which the affected person lies on. The reason for this is that tea tree oil can effectively kill mites.

Scabies mites

Mites are very tiny insects with legs more numerous than the regular insects. With their eight legs and microscopic body, they have the ability to dig right through the skin and cause a very terrible case of itching. And when the itching goes on for a long time, the skin’s defense layer is destroyed, and then, becomes prone to other infections.

All of these things describe scabies and as we already mentioned above this outline, Vaseline cannot kill these scabies. So what are some the home remedies that can get rid of scabies?

Before we head down, let’s take note of some things;

    • Mites cannot fly or jump. They only crawl.

    • Mites can be immobilized when subject to temperatures below 20 degrees.

    • Mites can survive even when they aren’t on the bodies of their host. The time frame for this independent living could either be day or a day and a half of another.

    • Scabies is one infection that can affect anyone—a young child or an adult.

    • Scabies appear as aggregates of red dots and rashes on certain parts of the body.

The parts of the body where the rashes and blisters appear include the following; The central skin that lies between fingers, the lower length of the elbows, the knees, the rings of skin around the n!pples, the gen!tal area, the butt0cks.

    • The rashes that appear on the skin are blood-filled.

    • Scabies is a transmittable disease. So, ensure that you stay away from whoever is infected. A slight rub or any other form of contact between you and the infected can get the mites on your skin automatically. Also, note that mites can crawl off the host and stick to surfaces around them.

    • Scabies is most rapidly transmitted during $exual !ntercourse, but it is not a $exually transmitted disease.

How to eradicate scabies

Unfortunately, there are no medications that have been approved for the treatment of scabies. Antibiotics do not work, and that is because the mites are parasites and not bacterial strains. However, some topical creams have proven to be quite effective in eradicating the mites. Let’s study the eradication process fully.

    • Creams that contain Permethrin as an active ingredient have been proven effective in the eradication of mites. It is recommended that the affected individual rubs the cream all over his or her body at night. Thereafter, the person can wash off in the morning. This medication should be used for a period of seven days. Also, anyone above two months of age can use creams with Permethrin as active ingredient.

    • Another active ingredient that clears off scabies is Lindane. The issue however is that Lindane has several side effects. For example, if used on wet skin, or on a skin that’s covered with rashes, it could cause seizures in the person. Pregnant or nursing women are also advised to stay off this drug. Usually, Lindane would not be recommended for the treatment of scabies until every other drug has proven to be ineffective.

    • Creams that contain sulfur were one of the medications used in eradicating scabies at the scratch. Usually, sulfur-based creams would not be recommended until other drugs have proven effective. Either way, sulfur can be used by pregnant women and young kids. Home remedies to get rid of scabies

Most of the creams developed to get rid of mites have one side effect or the other. So, usually, they are administered only after ensuring that your body doesn’t react negatively to their active ingredients. Regardless, there are other safer ways by which you can get rid of scabies. These methods are known as the

Home remedies for scabies


Antihistamines are drugs that are used to cure infections caused by insects like mites. As a result of the burrows that mites make into the skin, the body of the infected begins to itch badly. For relief, it is advised that the infected person takes antihistamines like Benadryl. For a total control of the itching, it is advised that the person works with steroids. These steroids can be taken either orally or topically.

Wash bed sheets regularly

Bed sheets and other forms of clothing used by the affected individual must be washed regularly. These sheets should preferably be washed in hot water, as that is one temperature that mites cannot survive in. Sprayed insecticide

The room that the affected individual stays in must be sprayed with ingredients that can get rid of the mites. Furniture, rugs, and other crevices must be thoroughly sprayed with the insecticide.

Treat yourself

Once you realize that you have made contact with an affected person, ensure that you begin to treat yourself. That way, you can cancel the risk of you catching on the disease.