How to Get JAMB Profile Code through Email 2022/2023

how to get jamb profile code through email

Can I get my JAMB profile code through email?

Yes, you can get your JAMB profile code through email. Profile codes are ten-digit numbers that have often time been accessed via USSD. But now, you can access your profile code from your email. First, note that your profile code has to first be generated by dialing this code—*55019*1*NIN#. Otherwise, you can send your NIN to 55019 (OR 66019) in this format—NIN (SPACE BAR) your eleven-digit NIN. So, the result should look like this—NIN 22220000111.

On doing that, you will be forwarded a profile code that is a necessary requirement for your JAMB registration. Whatever CBT center you register at will request that you provide the code.

Some of the issues that could arise while you go about the generation of this profile code include the following;

  • Service timeout: This mostly occurs as a result of bad network connection.
  • Used NIN: This issue occurs when someone has previously used the NIN to run through their JAMB registration. You have to ensure that you use your NIN and not someone else’s. Another issue that could arise from the stem of NIN is when someone registered with the number used the previous year for registration. To solve this issue, ensure that you generate your JAMB profile code with the same mobile number you used last year.
  • JAMB profile code cannot be obtained via USSD.
  • When the NIN you entered has not been validated or verified by NIMC.

The deal with profile codes is that they can be used again if the person is writing JAMB again after the first time it was used. Note that it can only be used by that person.

After getting your profile code, you can then go to any JAMB CBT center proximal to you. With that profile code, you can proceed to finish the registration process after buying your ePIN.

Asides the usual SMS method, you can also generate your profile code using your email address. Follow the procedures below to get started;

  1. With your mobile data turned on, head over to the JAMB website. Click the icon that bears the Register for UTME/DE tag.
  1. Click the Create Account
  1. Click the icon that prompts you to create a JAMB profile account.
  1. Type in your email address and other details—email address, phone number, security answer, etc.
  1. Click the OK
  1. A message will be forwarded to your Gmail application. That is where you’d see your JAMB account code. You’d also click the JAMB link in the message.
  1. You’d see a tag that bears these details—Click here to continue creating your profile creation account.
  1. Type in your personal details—your first name, second name, middle name, etc. You’d also be asked to choose your gender, date of birth, phone number, origin, phone number, nationality, country of origin, and password. Click the Register
  1. You will see a message that says that your account has been successfully created.

It is after you have created your JAMB account profile that you can check out your profile code. Log in to your account with the entered details.

From there, you’d be able to check out the dashboard panel of your page. The panel usually contains your profile code.


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How to get JAMB profile code through email

For tips on how to get JAMB profile code through email, follow the procedures below;

      • Head over to the JAMB website and then log in to your page using the email address and password allocated to your account. You can do this on your mobile phone or PC.
      • Click the icon that bears the search feature. Type this—eMail Address Confirmation.
      • Click the mail that appears beneath the search feature. Inside that mail, you’d find your Profile code.


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