How to Advertise Perfumes, Wigs & Makeup on Whatsapp 2023

How to advertise perfumes wigs makeup on Whatsapp

Whatsapp is one of the social media platforms with over a billion users. The consequence of this information is that a virtual market can be created on its base. That is why this article will be based on all the tips on how to advertise perfumes, wigs and makeup on Whatsapp.

However, before you can trade successfully on Whatsapp, you have to take note of the following;

Get more contacts

The more the contacts you have access to, the wider your virtual market becomes.

If you are familiar with social media sites like Instagram, you’d be aware of the fact that there’s almost no restriction when it comes to interacting with and meeting people.

You don’t have to worry about having the contacts of the people you market your products to. Anyone and everyone in the world can have access to your page as long as you have one!

With Whatsapp though comes a restriction. You must have the contacts of those that you want to market your goods too. Not having a useful number of contacts will surely serve useful hindrance to your work.

The reason is that only few people (your contacts) will be aware of the products that you sell.

Create other social media accounts

Trading on Whatsapp may not be effective if you do not have other social media accounts like Instagram, Twitter, etc. This technique is great as it helps you get rid of the restriction posed by an inadequate contact list.

Like it was stated earlier, sites like Twitter and Instagram allow you access to several people at once.

On establishment of your Instagram and Twitter accounts, you can then go on to forward your Whatsapp Business contact info to your customers.

Link up with influencers

You could also boycott the stress of building accounts on Instagram or Twitter by linking up with Whatsapp influencers.

Influencers on Whatsapp have numerous contacts, and by reaching out to them, you have access to these contacts at a fee. This process is usually referred to as an advertisement.

Some of these influencers could help you advertise your products for a day or more, depending on your budget. Most times, this technique plays out to be very useful in the amassing of customers to your business page.

Information dispensing

After getting a handful number of contacts on Whatsapp, the next thing to do is target how you can dispense information to your audience.

You could create groups, work with consistent status updates, send broadcast messages, or have people forward your brand messages to groups and contacts.

Preferably, if you have people who are genuinely interested in promoting your brand, you can have them post details about your brand on their statuses.

Grab the attention of your audience

After finalizing the method of information dispensing, you need to also know how to grab the attention of your audience.

Understanding that people have low attention span will go a long way in helping you get a breakthrough in this issue.

So, you have to do all to ensure that you capture their attention and keep them engaged throughout the time they are perusing the details you have to offer. Check the following below for instance.


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How to advertise perfumes on whatsapp

  • Post Clear Pictures

Everyone wants something that’d catch their attention—something green and colorful. When taking the images of your perfume bottles and cans, ensure that you add some spice to the background.

You could take the picture in a garden, or something that increases the quality of the picture. For inspiration, you could check on Instagram for the style other perfume vendors use while taking shots of their products.

  • Post Reviews Offered by Previous Clients

Selling perfumes virtually can be really critical as your customers cannot tell what kind of scent the perfumes have. They can’t possibly know which perfume smells like roses or which smells like sandalwood, etc.

That’s why it’s best you post reviews. Let the screenshots of these reviews contain the name of the perfume. You might also encourage the customers to give adequate description of the scents in the reviews.

Note that reviews are one of the strongest ways of pushing your customer to go for something. Reviews give your advertisement validity.

  • Be Creative

From the issue pointed above, another solution can be spun off. And that solution involves you using words to describe the smell. Using words involve you being as creative as possible.

For example, you could use words like these—flowery and light scents, sweet and delicious, hot and strong, masculine and strong, lasting and subtle, etc.

Use words that almost give your audience the feel that they can actually perceive the scent from wherever they are.

  • Post Details On How to Use the Product

Do not just post details about your brand or the perfumes you are selling. Post details as regards how your customers can use these perfumes. What areas should they spray the perfumes? Teach them!

For example, you could explain how they should use perfumes with strong scents. Strong scented perfumes shouldn’t be sprayed more than twice as it could create a suffocating sensation if overused.

You also want to let them know strategic locations to target while spraying the perfumes—necks, wrists, etc—in order to get the best effects or results.

Doing this will help you strike your customers as professional. It also makes them more interested in whatever details you have to offer.

  • Use Discounts and Special Sales Series

What other better way could you grab your customer’s attention if not by using discount and special sales series. Anyone would take a second look at a post if they have to pay less than they usually would pay for it.

This can be a very good technique if you are just starting out at the business. You could create discounts when your customers buy more than two perfume bottles.

You could also add one or two mini perfume bottles (perfume oils or pocket perfume bottles) to their packages.

How to advertise wigs on whatsapp

For tips on how to advertise wigs on Whatsapp, you can work with most of the ones discussed above. For wigs though, you have an advantage.

Your customers can have a closer feel of whatever wig you have for sale—i.e., they can see how it’d look on them. You can get wig stands and mannequins for this purpose.

You could also be the model of your brand and post videos or images of you wearing the wigs. People love to get things or products that look good on other people. So, you should be sure to make good use of that trick.

How to advertise makeup on whatsapp

With makeup comes only little difference. Follow the tips below on how to advertise makeup on Whatsapp.

  • Whilst taking the images of the products that you sell, ensure that you capture the names of the products. What this means is that the name tag must be clear enough. That way, your customers are able to distinguish one product from the other.
  • You could also work with gridded photos when advertising your products. One grid should bear the photo of the product while the other grid bears the image of someone wearing the product. This technique can be very good when advertising different brands of foundations.
  • You could also post tips and skin care tips that your customers could employ when making use of one or two of your products.