Clove Water for Skin Lightening, Skin Tightening & Skin Whitening

Clove Water for Skin Lightening, Skin Tightening, Skin Whitening

Clove water for skin lightening

Clove water is one of the herbal preparations that have been used over the years for the good of the skin. Clove water for skin lightening is one of the commonest uses of the preparation, but then, there are a whole lot of other benefits. It’s on these benefits that this outline will be based upon.

First, clove water has been noted to act as an antibacterial agent. So, for people that have injuries—boils, wounds, burns, or any other issue that messes with the protective layer of the skin, clove water can do a lot of good.

It kills all types of bacterial strains.

One thing that you need to know is that skin conditions like acne and pimples are usually caused by bacteria present on the face. For example, sleeping on dirty bed spreads can increase the risk of you having acne.

Most times, clove water is integrated into skin care constituents and formulations (skin cleansing agents, toning agents, treatment of spots, etc.)

Asides from that, it can also help to prevent inflammation. One of the common conditions of skin inflammation is the occurrence of pimples.

As a result of the constituent that clove water contains, eugenol, inflammation of the skin is effectively controlled. Note that Eugenol is also anti-inflammatory in function.

One more beautiful thing about clove water is that it improves the tone of your skin. The issue with most skin types is that they have been discolored by excessive exposure to sunlight.

Working with clove water will ensure that the uneven tones blend with the original tone of your skin. Note that this isn’t a bleaching effect. Clove water only helps you fetch you your original complexion.

Clove water is very easy to prepare. All you need to do is boil a handful of cloves in a pot of water. By virtue of that, the constituents (medicinal constituents) present in the clove buds are transferred or infused into the water.

After getting the infusion, pour the entire mixture into a glass jar. Set the lid atop the jar and ensure that it is tightly fixed in place. Allow the mixture to sit for about twelve hours—or overnight maybe.

After getting that done, immerse a bud of cotton wool into the water and then, use it to dab your face lightly.  Doing this regularly exposes you to the moisturizing effect of clove water.

And really, when your skin is moisturized, it looks more radiant—with a youthful glow. The antioxidants present in the mix also make the water good for eradicating wrinkles from your face.

It is for this very reason that most people integrate clove water into their skin care routines.

Asides from skin related issues, clove water works well for the following purposes;

  • It can relieve you of conditions related to digestion—bloating, gassiness, etc.
  • It can be use to achieve detoxification
  • It boosts the immunity of the body
  • It helps to fight against free radicals in the body as it is a good antioxidant

From the paragraphs above, you’d notice that clove water was applied with a cotton bud—the dabbing process. In a scenario where you want to ingest it orally instead, you may want to sweeten it with honey.

Clove water is very bitter by itself. However, you should ensure that you do not take more than three cups of clove water per day. The reason is that clove water has some said side effects—diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, headache, etc.


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How to make clove oil for skin lightening

Asides from clove water, clove oil is another constituent that can be extracted from clove buds. In this section, we will consider the tips on how to make clove oil for skin lightening.

  • First, you need to get fresh clove buds. The emphasis lies in the freshness of the cloves. Eugenol only serves maximal effect when the clove buds are fresh. There is also the option of powdered clove buds, but then, the oil obtained from these forms of clove may not fetch you quality oil.
  • Set the clove buds in a small mortar and pestle. Then, carefully pound them until they have a rough outlook or feel between your fingers. Ensure that the pounded mixture isn’t entirely smooth though. You could also add any of these oils—coconut oil, olive oil, etc.—to the mix in the mortar.
  • Set the crushed clove buds within a jar. It’s important that this jar is dark. That way, the quality of the oil is retained.
  • Next, add a carrier agent to the crushed clove buds. The agent could be olive oil, grapeseed oil, or any other oil of useful effectiveness. The oil you add to the mixture should be enough to keep the crushed buds submerged. You shouldn’t use too much of the carrier agent though, as it reduces the concentration of the clove oil you finally get.
  • Set the lid atop the jar. After doing that, shake the mixture until everything is well distributed, i.e., with even compositions. The jar should not be opened until a week later. The longer you keep the jar lidded, the more the potency of the oil. During this timeframe though, you must ensure that you flip the jar as often as possible.
  • Next, set a layer of cheesecloth above a jar. This model will be used for straining the cloves out of the rest of the mixture. Usually, it’s the oil that comes out as the filtrate. Transfer this oil into a bottle with a dropper—for easy dispensing.
  • Store the clove oil in a cool dry place. Under these conditions, the clove oil can last for at least four months. If you want the clove oil to last longer, you could store it in a refrigerator.

On getting the oil ready, use buds of cotton wool to dab your face every morning and night. That way, your clove oil can work for skin lightening.

One more thing is that you should not dab too much of the oil on your skin as it can be toxic to the tissues.

Some people are even intolerant of clove oil, and so, it is necessary that you look out for rashes on your skin after your first application.

Clove water for skin tightening

Skin tightening is very important in that it helps to squeeze out dirt and oils from your skin pores. This particular property is termed the astringent property of clove water.

The dirt and oils within your skin pores are usually responsible for the pimples and other forms of facial inflammation. Below are the tips that you can use when using clove water for this purpose;

  1. Immerse the lower end of a cotton bud within the clove water
  2. Dab the moist end of the cotton bud against your face.
  3. A layer of this dab is sufficient for skin tightening.

Clove water for skin whitening

Clove water is great for skin whitening! This whitening is not related to the bleaching of skin, but to the evenness of skin tone. Due to frequent exposure or overexposure of the skin to sun rays, the skin darkens.

Clove water can help reverse this darkening effect and then, fetch you bright and glowing skin. Clove water should also be dabbed minimally on the face to prevent complications like acne, pimples, etc.


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