How to Check My Date of Birth on my First Bank Account 2023

how to check my date of birth on my first bank account

The theme of BVN (Bank Verification Number) has been fully established in Nigeria. As a result, details like your date of birth, Bank Verification number, phone number, and the name attached to your account can be easily accessed via your Bank Verification link. In this article, we will look at all the tips on how you can check your date of birth on your First Bank account.

First, note that you don’t have to visit a branch of the First Bank just to get one or two details of your BVN. Check the following measures below that you can take in order to get your details.

How to check my date of birth on my First Bank account

The BVN validation portal

Via this portal, you can easily get all the details that you need as regards your BVN. However, there are a couple requirements that make this process quite safe.

First, you’ll be required to present your Bank Verification Number. You will also be charged twenty-five naira from your bank account.

Once that is settled, log in to the NIBSS BVN verification portal via any Internet Browser of your choice.

From there, you’ll be prompted to type in your Bank Verification Number and Date of Birth. The date of birth you present must tally with what you entered during the verification process.

Click the Search icon and then, proceed to make the 25NGN payment. Once you are done, a page that contains all of your BVN details would pop up on your screen.


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USSD code

This method is very easy, but then, it may not offer you all of the details that you need. Start by dialing *565*0# Note that the number with which you dial the number must be the same as the number you used in validating the BVN.

Simply put, the phone number should be linked to the BVN. You can change the linked phone number in some scenarios though. Check the following for more details;

  • When you lose your phone
  • When you switch networks
  • In scenarios where you have issues with one network and then, have to switch to another
  • Difficulty retrieving your lost SIM

Even when any of these incidences occur, you have to be able to present some important details before you can have full access to the BVN.

  1. You need to know your Bank Verification Number. This number is usually an eleven digit number.
  1. The name that you used to register the BVN. Most times, the name is the same as the name of the account holder.
  1. The Date of Birth that you provided while verifying your account
  1. Your National Identity Number
  1. Your new mobile number, i.e., the one that you want to switch the old one with.

Unfortunately, there’s no online service that is available for the changing of details pertaining to BVN. You have to physically present yourself and your details to a branch of First Bank near you.

If you however wish to check the details of your BVN at a bank, you have to visit the customer care section of any First Bank Branch near you. Asides from the BVN route, you could check out your birth certificate.

Either way, your bank expects that you know the date of birth that you presented during the opening of your bank account.

So, there’s not really any concrete step that you should take as regards checking your date of birth on a First Bank account.


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