How to Revalidate Your NIN 2023

How to revalidate nin

NIN is an acronym that stands for National Identity Number. Nigeria now enforces that every Nigerian possess a NIN.  In this article, we will look at the different ways by which you can revalidate your NIN.

Validation of your NIN occurs after the first stage of your NIN registration. Below are some tips that guide registration of your NIN;

  • First, note that NIN registration can only be carried out by people that are above the age of eighteen. If the individual is above that age, he or she will be required to present a means of identification—Your Bank Verification Number, National I.D card, Student I.D card, International Passport, Driver’s license, Voter’s card, etc.
  • You would be required to provide some details—name, geographical address, town, city, date of birth, etc.
  • You will also be required to present your biometrics—fingerprint, passport, etc.
  • You would be issued a slip that contains a transaction ID. You will be required to present this slip when you head back to your issuing center to get your NIN details.
  • After getting your NIN, you also have to wait for some time for NIMC to register your details in the database.

Most times, the period between registration and validation of the NIN details lasts for about two days to a week. It is during this timeframe that NIMC ascertains your true identity, as well as the accuracy of the details you submitted.

It is after a positive test that your details will be recorded in the NIMC database. If the details aren’t accurate, your account will end up not being validated or verified.

On such conditions, you won’t be able to use your NIN for any purpose.


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How to revalidate nin

Below are some tips on how to revalidate your NIN;

  1. Head over to the site your NIN slip was issued to you and then, present the document for verification. Most times, you may need to head over to any of the branches of NIMC.
  1. You could also visit the verification portal—http//
  1. Scroll to the part of the screen that bears the Verify NIN Click the icon.
  1. Type in your NIN. Your NIN is a twelve-digit number.
  1. Next, type in the security code that is forwarded to you in the column where it is required.
  1. Click the Submit
  1. You will immediately receive a notification that either ascertains or disproves the verification of your NIN.
  1. If your NIN has been verified, you can proceed to use your NIN for any purpose. However, if it hasn’t been verified, you should visit any of the branches of NIMC around you. That way, you’d be able to issue a complaint.

Asides from the method described above, you can also know if your NIN has been verified by trying to link it up to your phone number. If the linkage is successful, it means your NIN is ready for use.

Note that that this would be impossible if your NIN is not successfully validated or verified.


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