How to Check and Print Your JAMB Admission Letter 2023

JAMB admission letter

JAMB admission letter

The JAMB admission letter is one that is offered once you accept the admission offered to you on the JAMB CAPS. It is usually issued by the JAMB Registrar to the University you registered for. It is very important that you have the printout of the letter as it would be required during your screening registrations at the University.

The JAMB admission letter usually contains details like your geographical address, your passport photograph, your registration number, your examination number, the Faculty and Department you were admitted into, the degree you wish to attain, as well as the duration of the course study. These details are important for those who aren’t sure of what the JAMB admission letter looks like.

The JAMB admission letter comes in two forms—one for the use of the candidate and another for the use of the institution. During the course of your screening registration at the University you were admitted into, you would be asked to present the letter at different stages. Sometimes, you could be asked to present the one for institutional use only and the other times, you could be asked to present the one for the use of the candidate only. Ensure that you have the documents photocopied since you would be making several submissions.

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How to check JAMB Admission letter

Now that you understand what the JAMB admission letter entails, we will now head over to how to check JAMB Admission letter. The processes would be described in the steps that follow;

– Head over to JAMB’s website via this link—

– You would be asked to present details as regards your email address and password.

– Once you have successfully logged into your page, you would see a tab for ‘Admission Letter.’ You would find it listed amongst the several other tabs on that page.

– Note that viewing your Admission letter requires that you pay a sum of 1000 naira first. So, on choosing the ‘Admission Letter’ tab, a Transaction ID is fetched.

– You will see the ID for the transaction on the display for confirmation of the details.

– Ensure that you properly scan through the details that appear on the Confirmation page.

– If you desire to pay with your card right away, click the ‘Continue’ icon.

– Once you are done with the payment, you would be required to provide the year you wrote the examination as well as your JAMB registration number.

– Once you have typed in the details correctly, you would be allowed to print your Admission letter.

So, whether or not you want to check or print your Admission Letter, you have to pay a sum of 1000 naira only to the Transaction ID provided.

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How to print JAMB admission letter

For those that want to know how to print the JAMB admission letter, here are the procedures to follow.

– Head over to the JAMB admission portal.

– Provide your login details—email address and password. In a situation where you have forgotten your email address, you could easily check your examination slip to know what it is.

– Click the tab for ‘Admission Letter.’

– You would see a transaction letter being generated. If you wish to pay right away with your card, click the ‘Continue’ icon.

– You’d be asked to provide the following details—Year of Exam and your JAMB registration number.

– In case you are using your phone to run through these procedures, you can print the JAMB admission letter by downloading the PDF file and then, saving it with a name you can easily remember.

– After downloading the file, you can then head to a cyber café to have it printed out. However, if you are printing it right from a computer, ensure that it is connected to a Printer. Then, print out the document. It is advised that you print the document out using a Color Printer.

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Unable to print JAMB admission letter

In a situation where you are unable to print out your JAMB admission letter, you could wait for some time as the traffic on JAMB’s site at that time could be very much. Usually, the sites work best at night. Also, it could be as a result of issues arising from payment made to the Transaction ID.

That is why you have to ensure that you check the details of the ID generated. That way, you can ensure that you are making the right payment. Also, if you are making payments with your card, you’d have to wait to receive a debit alert before you see a reflection on your site.

In case the payment you made is still not reflecting after ensuring the conditions listed above, follow the procedures below;

  • Log in to your JAMB profile with the details of your email and password.
  • Click the ‘My Payment’ icon at the right side of the display.
  • You will see a page that comprises all your payments. Find the payment details that tally with the Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) that you paid with.
  • Click the ‘Get Status’ icon after you have the RRR code.
  • Your payment should reflect at this point. Once this happens, you would be able to print your JAMB Admission letter.