How to Make Money on Whatsapp Status and Whatsapp TV Views 2023

How to make money on Whatsapp status and Whatsapp TV

How to make money on Whatsapp status

Whatsapp is one of the many social media out there with millions of users! Sites with huge number of users definitely have some money-making sides to them. So, in this article you’re going to see how you can make money using your Whatsapp status and Whatsapp TV. On how to make money on Whatsapp status, we would be shedding limelight on several tips!

Discover your area of interest

This tip comes out to be very favorable in cases where you plan on trading items. Posting the items on your status comes out to be alerting the public of whatever it is you are selling. Some other times, it doesn’t have to be items like shoes or bags. You could have an online course that you desire to take. Post details about the course on your status and then, give them reasons they should try the course out. One more area of interest is cooking. For people that make confectionaries and food, you could post images that would prompt your contacts to make deliveries.

Get contacts

The more contacts you have on your device, the more money you end up making. The reason for this is because the details as regards your business or area of interest get communicated to several people at once. You could also ask your friends to repost your posts so that more people get to know about the service you are offering to the public. Also, having several contacts makes your account useful for advertisement and trading.

Post engaging content very often

The more interesting your status posts are, the more people want to view it. Just by posting memes and other interesting articles, your contacts begin to enjoy your updates. You could also settle for posting topics on selected areas—health, technology, politics, etc. Once other people get to notice the interesting articles, they seek to add your number to their contact list. Now, the more contacts you have, the more the brands that would approach you for advertisement.


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How to make money on Whatsapp TV

You might have heard about the Whatsapp TV on one or two occasions. What exactly is it about? What are the tips on how to make money on Whatsapp TV? The Whatsapp TV is like a virtual television. If you are going to make money from it, you have to own one. However, before you can own one, you should make sure of the following;

  • You must be able to stay online for long periods.
  • You must post engaging content regularly
  • You must be able to stay off the list of muted status updates! If your contacts mute you, it means they find you disturbing and uninteresting
  • You must be able to conduct researches regularly
  • You must be able to build useful connections with your viewers.

In case you have interest in sourcing out for juicy details and recent news, you could choose to start the Whatsapp TV. Some other times, you could choose to talk about topics relating to specific sectors like health, automobiles, technology, politics, or foreign matters.

Information sourcing

Once you settle on the area you wish to delve into, you can then proceed to delivering information regularly to your viewers, i.e., stored contacts. You have to ensure that you have a very reliable source where you’d be able to get the most unusual and striking news! For someone that is just starting, you must be able to keep your viewers so engaged that they always itch for your recent updates. You must also ensure that you post reliable details that wouldn’t birth controversy!

Delivering engaging content

The most useful part of Whatsapp for this purpose is the Whatsapp Status. All you need to do is get people attracted and in love with the content you post. Make your posts as engaging as possible by fusing in memes, videos, comics, and pictures. You could also make short videos with brilliant folks, and then, share with your viewers.

Spreading of viewer base

After ensuring the steady supply of useful information, you can then move on to spreading your base. Never move on to spreading your viewer’s base before ensuring that you can regularly supply useful and engaging content! Never be too much in haste! Prove to your first set of contacts that your TV is worthy of their attention, and then, proceed to convincing the others.

Updating contact list

How do you increase your viewers? You have to update your contact list! The more contacts you have, the more the potential you have to make money on Whatsapp TV. To update your contact list, you can start by asking those on your immediate contact list to spread word about you. Forward to them links that would lead people directly to your page.

However, you have to ensure that your mobile device is one that is capable of handling a huge number of contacts. Most people suffer from issues like hanging of their mobile devices when the messages from their Whatsapp get too much.


Once you have a wide contact base, you can then encourage traders to advertise using your status updates. And if you are well-known, you might not need to encourage any trader. They come to you by themselves, assured that you can help them. The way this works is that the traders pay a certain sum of money in exchange for you advertising their products. You could decide to charge by the hour. You could also help them to market their goods by typing words that would get people attracted to the product.

Most people go the extra mile of acquiring skills in copywriting, advertising, and marketing, for the sole purpose of making the advertisement more effective. Whichever way, simply ensure that you do not compromise content quality for money! It chases away your viewers!