7 Smart Ways to Make 5000 Naira & More Money Daily on Facebook

How to make money on Facebook in Nigeria

How to make 5000 naira and more money daily on Facebook

There are many ways you can rack up cool cash simply by using Facebook. So many money-making opportunities lie within this blue app where you go every day to connect, learn, and get entertained. Let’s look at the various ways you can be able to make up to 5000 naira or more daily on Facebook.

1. Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing is a trending income source nowadays. Pumping money to different areas of the internet. If you do not own a shop or products that you sell, this is one way you can make money steadily with just your Facebook account.

Affiliate marketing is all about referring people to buy products and then getting paid. Get paid when you refer people to buy products. Instead of clamoring to win referral contests on social media, you can make use of this opportunity and earn cash every day.

Companies pay Affiliate marketers a commission when people purchase products via their referral link. Some even pay per click. As simple as this sounds, your payment won’t be much until you are getting a reasonable number of referrals. The more people you refer to, the more you earn. This is where Facebook comes in.

Facebook makes the whole world be within reach. Meaning, you can reach out to a whole lot of people from just a little space of your account. Normally, most people embed affiliate links within articles on websites, but you can equally use Facebook for the same purpose.

Create an account or page and target a specific niche. You don’t want to be too random. It is better to grow gradually into a common name in a particular product.

Sign up with an affiliate network. This might require a fee. Copy links to products you want to sell from the affiliate network and then attach them to posts you make on Facebook. Turn your Facebook timeline into a mini-website filled with posts containing answers to what people are looking for and link to products they can buy.

Every time someone reads and clicks to buy, you make a commission. If you want more engagement, more people to see your posts, Facebook ads can be used to boost your posts to more people, bringing in more money.

2. Selling products on Facebook Marketplace

If you are already into the business of buying and selling goods for profit, without much stress, you can take it to another level and earn even more money daily in addition to what you are earning already. This is another good way of making more than 5000 naira daily on Facebook.

Facebook Marketplace allows Facebook users to list and advertise items for sale. Those looking to buy can also search for those items easily and buy them.

An average of 2.9 billion people use Facebook every month as of 2021 end. That is a lot of people having the opportunity of coming across your products if only you list them for sale.

3. Facebook shop

If you already have a business page on Facebook, you can turn it into an online shop for your business. If you do not have one, creating a page on Facebook is a very easy process. You can create one and open a Facebook shop. With so many active users on Facebook, you can make a lot of profit when people who visit your page buy products.

So while people are surfing on Facebook, they can visit your page and place orders for what you sell. So go ahead and create Facebook page.

4. Use Facebook as an engagement tool

On Facebook, you can get so much engagement than you can get on a regular website or blog. If you have a website or blog, you can take advantage of these Facebook engagements and increase traffic to your website.

You can also decide to shorten these links to your site and earn even more from the ads your visitors see when they click the shortened link. Not everyone can have the patience to wait for a shortened link to redirect, so be careful how you use this.

5. Social Media Management

If you do not have what to sell, and your skill pertaining to social media. You can work as a social media manager for a brand, helping to post on and manage their page and getting paid in the process.

If you are a good graphics designer and writer, with time to spare and you know the ins and outs of Facebook, you can take up to this.

6. Social Media Influencing

If you have a strong follower community behind you on your Facebook Page, instead of leaving it idle, you can monetize it and make money while still doing what you do.

Brands are always looking for various ways to create awareness about their products and services and won’t mind paying you to inform your page followers about what they have to offer. Big brands always turn to social media influencers when they have a targeted type of audience in mind. Let’s say you have a page where you discuss everything about football. A brand looking to sell jerseys can pay you to promote it to the football lovers on your page. And you will end up making money just by posting about it on your page.

If you do not have a page, you can start by creating one and gradually building up the number of followers. This might seem hard, but in the end, it pays well, especially if you are posting content that people love. Look for things that are trending currently, things that people are likely to engage with, and post on the page daily.

7. Join Commerce groups

Facebook was created, for one thing, to bring people together despite barriers of distance. It has been pretty successful at doing just that. Aside from one on one connectivity, Facebook also has groups where many people can connect among themselves. Many people have taken advantage of this feature and created buying and selling groups to connect buyers to sellers.

You can join any of the buying and selling groups on Facebook and connect with potential buyers.


These are some of the ways you can make 5000 naira or more daily from Facebook. There are so many opportunities on this blue app that could put extra money in your pocket! Turn your Facebook app to an asset and not a liability, that’s how you stay rich!

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