Make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria in 2023

Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

Real estate market in Nigeria is very competitive. If you’re not careful you will end up losing all your money and properties to fraudulent vendors or dubious agents. Successful investments in real estate leads to profitable investments see the Top 5 Strategies of Investing in Real Estate in Nigeria. Without wasting much of your time let’s go to ways you can Make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria.

how to become a successful real estate agent in Nigeria

How to make money as a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

1. Fix old houses

One of the ways you can make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria is to fix and sell old houses. All you have to do is to do your research look for old houses that are up for sale fix them and put them back into the market. Fixing and renovating these old houses will help you resell them at a higher price than you bought them thereby returning a lot of profit to you.

2. Bring real estate buyers

If you are a real estate agent in Nigeria and you are registered under a company you can equally earn a commission each time a buyer brought by you buys or invest in a real estate property by your company. You also get to enjoy so many other things like incentives provided by real estate companies, so as a real estate agent in Nigeria your job is to provide adequate information about the property you’re about to sell to your clients. Always ensure you’re loyal and open to your clients by so doing you can get other referrals from them make more money as a real estate agent in Nigeria.

3. Short term rentals

Research shows that there’s increase in demand of short term apartment especially in Lagos Nigeria. So investing in short term rentals as a real estate in Nigeria will also yield you some money.

4. Apartment rentals

A lot of people are migrating to apartments. So if you’re a real estate agent in Nigeria you can start renting apartments because the population in Nigeria is very high and it exceeds the available houses.

5. Lease commercial real estate properties

There are a lot of growing business owners out there that need offices, shops etc. to transact their business so if you’re real estate agent you can lease out or sell some of your commercial properties and also make money.

6. Invest in land

Land appreciates a lot and that is becoming so common in Nigeria. We have so many real estate companies investing in different land properties. So investing in land is one of the best ways you can make money as a real estate agent in Nigeria. You can invest in land either to lease it or resell either way it’s going to yield a lot of profit to you.

7. Property management

As a real estate agent your work is not only to invest, buy or sell properties. You can also make money as a property manager by offering your services to estate property owners, managing their properties for them by ensuring orderliness, cleanliness, good security etc. and you will be making your money.

8. Invest in vacation properties

Most times during the festive seasons in Nigeria a lot of people who come from abroad for the festive season will always look for a good place to stay. As a real agent you can also make money by investing in vacation properties in places people from abroad like to visit during festive seasons, this will yield a lot of money to you especially during those festive seasons.

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How do I become a Real Estate Agent in Nigeria

1.Find a real estate development company that offers an independent sales consultant program.

2.Ensure that the real estate development company pay at least 10% commission per sale.

3.Ensure that the company pays its consultant in multiple levels.

4.Register as an independent consultant in the real estate company.

5.Attend a real estate training.

6.Start selling and earning commission.

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