How to Check BVN Without Airtime in 2023

how to check bvn without airtime

BVN is an acronym that stands for Bank Verification Number. It is a tool that banks use in ensuring the safety of bank accounts. So, instead of passwords or other security tools that can easily be hacked, what we have is an eleven digit number that is unique to you alone. In this article, we … Read more

How to Retrieve Your NIN Number Without Phone Number 2023

How to retrieve NIN number without phone number

How can I retrieve my nin without my phone number The NIN (National Identity Number) is one that is issued by the NIMC office. It serves the purpose of identification of the citizens of Nigeria. The NIN is an 11-digit detail that must be linked to your phone numbers. This link was made mandatory by … Read more

INEC Voters Card Reprint 2023: How to print temporary voters card

How to print temporary voters’ card online

How to print temporary voters card The temporary voter’s card is a card that is issued temporarily to voters just before the permanent voter’s card (PVC) is issued. Persons with the temporary voter’s card are not usually permitted to vote during elections as the PVC is usually required. The PVC contains important details like your … Read more

How to Block Your Stolen or Lost AIRTEL SIM Card in Nigeria 2023

How to block my stolen or lost Airtel SIM card in Nigeria

How to block my stolen or lost Airtel SIM card in Nigeria If you fall within the category of people who wish to block their lost or stolen Airtel SIM card, then, this is the article you need to read. Here, we will be looking at the tips and steps of how you can block … Read more

How to Reset and Recover Your Password on Portal 2023

NASIMS gov ng reset password How to reset and recover your NASIMS password

NASIMS gov ng reset password NASIMS might be a strange acronym to people, and so, in this article, we will be striking at every that it entails. One of the major standpoints we would be looking at is how to reset and recover your password on  NASIMS portal. First, NASIMS—National Social Investment Management System—is one … Read more

My NIN Failed NIMC Verification? – Why and How to Be Verified

NIN failed NIMC verification

NIN failed NIMC verification NIN is a national identity number given to citizens of Nigeria, in order to keep a general database of the people in the country. Now, after making registrations, you have to wait for your NIN to be verified. It is only after verification that you can put the account into proper … Read more

NIMC Verification Portal – How to Verify Your NIN Online 2023

NIN failed NIMC verification

NIMC verification portal The NIMC verification portal is one that is available for those that desire to participate in the verification process. The process of verification is handled by the NIMC Verification Service. There are several forms of the verification service, and here, we will be discussing a couple of them and how you can … Read more