How to Check & Get Your Voters’ Card ID (VIN) Number in Nigeria

How to check voters’ card ID number in Nigeria and How to get voters card identification number

Voters card ID number in Nigeria

The Voters card ID number in Nigeria is used to check for the voter’s status as regards any of the elections in Nigeria.

First, we’d talk about the register that is complied for the voter’s. Once you are eligible to vote, you’d find your name and other details in the register. The register usually appears before the elections are conducted.

Consequently, the register is usually edited to remove the names of the underage applicants, as well as the names of people that have died.

Now, to check your registration status, you can follow any of the steps that would be briefly described below;

  • Go to any polling unit near you to know the outcome of the voter’s registration process.

What happens is that INEC usually would release the list of the reviewed voters at the different local registration units. Ensure that you visit those units to confirm that the presented details are accurate.

how to check my voters card vin number

  • Lastly, you could also make use of your phone to check your registration status

This method is where you would need your Voters card ID number in Nigeria. All you need to do is forward a message to 08171 646 879 while using this arrangement—your state, your surname as well as the last five digits of your VIN (Voter’s Identification Number).

You would find your VIN inscribed at the top of your voter’s card. The card could either be your temporary or permanent voter’s card.

Once you go through with the process described above, you would receive a message within a time frame of 15 minutes.

The message received will contain details of your profile on the voter’s register and your polling unit number.

Some other times, you could also receive a message that says ‘ERROR.’ Once you receive such a message, ensure that you typed in the right details.

These messages are usually sent with charges too. So, ensure that you have credit on your carrier services.


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How to check voters’ card ID number in Nigeria

Here, we will look at the techniques on how to check voters’ card ID number in Nigeria. First, you have to ensure that you have a copy of either your permanent or temporary voter’s card.

The permanent card is obtained after presenting the temporary card. Either way, both cards contain the digits of your Voter’s card ID number.

All you just need to do is check the upper left side of the card. You would see an inscription that says ‘VIN’. Then, next to that will be the ID.

The ID is usually a mix of letters and numbers. What you’d mostly need are the last seven digits of the Voter’s card ID number.

How to get voters card identification number

On how to get voter’s card identification number, all you need to do is ensure that you have a temporary or permanent voter’s card.

The voters’ card identification number is usually inscribed at the upper left panels of the card. To get your Permanent Voter’s Card (PVC), you need to have a temporary voter’s card.

Also, to get a temporary voter’s card, you have to ensure that your details are registered at with INEC. To register, you could visit any of the INEC offices close to you or visit the INEC website.


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