New Code to Buy Data on MTN + How to Online & from Bank 2023

new code to buy data on mtn and how to buy mtn data online and from bank

How to buy data on mtn

Without data, one can still access the internet and browse the web. With MTN Pay as You Go, you can browse using your available airtime at a rate of 5 kobo per kilobyte. Considering that for 1 MB of data, which is approximately 1024 kilobytes, you would have used above N50 for browsing. It is considered cheaper to surf the web using a data plan, and MTN offers a whole different package of data plans to choose from. So here, we will be looking at the code you can use to buy any data plan on MTN, how you can buy data on MTN online and how you can also buy data on MTN from your bank account.

Data on MTN are grouped into 9 different categories based on the duration. There are;

  • Daily plans
  • 2-day plans
  • 3-day plans
  • Weekly plans
  • Monthly plans
  • 2-month plans
  • 3-month plans
  • 6-month plans
  • Yearly plans.

And it does not end there. MTN also offers night plans and weekend plans for more flexibility and more data volume.

Each of the data packages can be done one-off or can be set to auto-renew upon exhaustion. That way, there will be non-stop browsing so long as the amount for the plan is available.

MTN is not just popular but also fast for browsing. With their available 4G LTE network band, one can get up to 25Mbps speed on a good day with the right device.

Ready to get a good plan for yourself? Let’s look at the different MTN data plans available, their duration, and their subscription codes.

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New Code to buy data on mtn

To buy data on MTN, you can either dial 312(the data plan code)#. e.g *312*112#. Or text the code to 312. That is if you know the codes already.

Another way is to dial *312#. *312# is dedicated to all things data on the MTN network. It opens up a list of options showing the different available data plans. You can buy from the USSD menu once you see what you are looking for. Just be sure to have equivalent airtime in your balance.

Below are the codes to buy data on MTN;

MTN daily data plan codes

  • 1 Day

40MB for N50 – Text 114 to 312
100MB for N100 – Text 104 to 312
1GB for N300 – Text 155 to 312

  • 2 Day

2GB for N500 – Text 154 to 312

  • 3 Day

200MB for N200 – Text 113 to 312

MTN Weekly Data Plans codes

  • 1 Week

N120 – 450MB – Text 161 to 312
N300 – 350MB – Text 102 to 312
N500 – 750MB + 1GB YouTube – Text 750 to 312
1GB + 1GB Youtube for N500 – Text 142 to 312
N1000 – 2GB + 2GB Youtube – Text 105 to 312
N1,500 – 6GB Data – Text 143 to 312

  • 2 Weeks

N500 – 750MB + 1GB YouTube – Text 103 to 312

MTN Monthly Data Plan codes

  • 1 Month

N1,000 – 1.5GB + 2GB YouTube – Text 106 to 312
N1,200 – 2GB + 4GB – Text 130 to 312
N1,500- 3GB + 4GB Youtube – Text 131 to 312
N2,000 – 4.5GB + 2GB Youtube – Text 110 to 312
N2,500 – 6GB + 4GB Youtube – Text 147 to 312
N3,000 – 10GB + 4GB YouTube –
N3,000 – 15GB Always-on – Text 162 to 312
N3,500 – 12GB + 4GB Youtube Data cap last for 30 Days – Text 107 to 312to activate at price
N5,000 – 20GB + 4GB Youtube – Text 116 to 312
N6000 – 45GB Always-on – Text 163 to 312
N10,000 – 40GB – Text 117 to 312
N15,000 – 75GB – Text 150 to 312
N20,000 – 120GB – Text 149 to 312

  • 2 Months

N8,000 – 30GB – Text 119 to 312
N20,000 – 100GB – Text 118 to 312
N30,000 – 160GB – Text 138 to 312

  • 3 Months

N50,000 – 400GB – Text 133 to 312
N75,000 – 600GB – Text 134 to 312

  • 6 Months

N90,000 – 800GB – Text 115 to 312

MTN Yearly plan codes

N100,000 – 1TB – Text 135 to 312
N250,000 – 2.5TB – Text 136 to 312
N450,000 – 4.5TB – Text 137 to 312

MTN also has night plans available from 11PM to 6AM each day. If you are a heavy data user, sacrificing a few hours of sleep is cheaper. Dial *406# and choose.

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How to buy mtn data online

Buying data online is one of the fastest ways of doing buying mtn data. So if you still have a data connection, you can buy data online using the MTN app or your bank app. There are other financial/payment service apps too that allow you to buy data easily online. You can also buy data on the MTN website.

To buy with the MTN app, download the myMTN app and log in with your phone number. Then choose from the different data plans available. You can even top up from your bank if you are low on airtime.

How to buy data on mtn from bank

Buying data directly from your bank balance can come in handy especially when you do not have any airtime on your line. There are two ways you can buy data on MTN from your bank. Either you use the MTN on Demand service or you use your bank USSD code.

  • Buying data using MTN on Demand code

MTN on Demand is a service from MTN to provide an alternative way of recharging or buying data on your line without having to load any card. Not all banks are available on MTN on Demand, but popular banks like First Bank, Union Bank, FCMB, Access, UBA, Stanbic IBTC, Zenith Bank, Fidelity Bank, etc, are available on the platform.

To use MTN on Demand;

– Dial *904# on your phone, using the phone number which is linked to your bank account.

– From the USSD options, type the digit (2) corresponding to Data plans.

– Type the digit (2) corresponding to the 3rd Party.

– Type the number you are recharging and then press send.

– From the data plan options, type the number corresponding to the data plan you want to buy.

– Confirm your desired selection.

– Lastly, enter the last 4 digits of your ATM card as the authentication PIN.

  • Buying data on MTN using bank USSD code

The next way to buy data on MTN from the bank is by using the bank USSD code, something which every bank has nowadays;

– On your phone, dial the USSD code of your bank.

– Enter the digit corresponding to buy data.

– Choose if you want to buy data for a 3rd party or self – the phone number linked to the bank.

– Type the phone number

– Enter the digit corresponding to the data plan you want to buy.

– Type your authentication PIN, either your bank pin or the last 4 digits of your debit ATM card.

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