How to Check & Retrieve Your Lost Voters’ Card Online in Nigeria

how to check and retrieve my lost voters card online in nigeria

The voters’ card is a prerequisite any voter must have before he or she can be allowed to join the voting process. The card is also one of the requirements for accreditation during an election, as it helps the officials identify you. So, anyone who has the aim of voting must ensure that he or she keeps his or her card safe. However, in a case where the card gets lost or damaged, several questions get asked. Here, we will be dealing with how you can check your lost or damaged voters’ card online in Nigeria and how you can retrieve it by getting a replacement.

How to check my lost voters’ card online in Nigeria

To check for your lost voter’s card online in Nigeria, follow the procedures below;

  • Visit the portal for INEC Voter’s Verification.
  • Fill in the required fields under the INEC voters’ verification website.
  • Once you are done filling in the required details, click the ‘Check Status’ icon.
  • You would then see the details of the card you lost displayed across your screen.

When applying for a new card, the person would be asked to state the reason or circumstances behind the loss of the card. If the reason is valid, the applicant will be given another card as long as the election is still about 30 days away from the date at that time.

How to retrieve your lost voters card in Nigeria

To retrieve your lost voter’s card online in Nigeria, follow the procedures below;

– Head over to the portal for INEC Voters’ Registration.

– You would see a menu bar. Click the ‘Sign In or Register’ icon.

– Sign in to your portal with email address and password details. If you do not have an account online, you may need to create a new account by signing up with your details.

– Once you are done with the steps listed above, you would be directed to your home screen.

– Tap the ‘Lost or Damaged PVC’ icon.

– Tap the ‘Request New Card’ icon.

– You would then be directed to a page that is for the retrieval of the details you used for your voter’s registration.

– To search through the list of details for the INEC registration, type in your first name, last name, and your state.

– Once the information you presented tally with any of the record details, you would easily find the necessary details displayed on your screen.

– Check through the displayed details to be sure that it’s really yours.

– Click the ‘Start Review’ icon before tapping the ‘Accept’ icon under the declaration warning. You may choose not to tap the ‘Accept’ icon if the details aren’t yours. If you also find any incorrect information, you shouldn’t click the ‘Accept’ icon either.

– You would then be required to fill in some other required fields.

– Next, you would be required to upload passport photographs of yourself. To ensure that your submission is not rejected, ensure that the image is scanned for clarity. The image should also be taken with a white background.

Once you are done with all of the processes listed above, you can then proceed to finish the rest of the procedures physically. You could easily head over to any of the INEC offices close to you, and then, request for a new voter’s card.

Also, you need to know that this new voter’s card will only be issued to you when you apply about a month before the election date. After you receive the new card, the tag, ‘Duplicate’ would be written boldly at the front.

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