How to Check BVN Without Airtime in 2023

how to check bvn without airtime

BVN is an acronym that stands for Bank Verification Number. It is a tool that banks use in ensuring the safety of bank accounts. So, instead of passwords or other security tools that can easily be hacked, what we have is an eleven digit number that is unique to you alone. In this article, we will look at how you can check your BVN without Airtime.

It’s quite rare to find someone who knows their BVN offhand. As a result, it is recommended that people write the digits in some journal or book that is easily accessible to them.

But then, in one out of ten scenarios, there’d arise times when people forget the details of their BVN. It is for this purpose that this article is tailored. Check out the following;

How to check BVN without airtime

  1. Online

Now, here is one way you can check your BVN without airtime. However, you still have to get your hands on some stable Wi-Fi network or your data connection. Here, you will need to log in on your bank application.

This may not apply to you if you have not signed up initially. The reason is that on signing up, you may be asked to present your BVN for added security.

  1. Visiting the Bank

This option can be very stressful, especially when there’s a long queue and all you need to get are your BVN details. Either way, you’ll have to walk up to the folks at the customer service section.

After that, you can then request for a retrieval of your BVN details. Note that the BVN is really critical information, so, you may be asked to verify your account with several details—your signature, fingerprint, etc.

You could also take along with you any document you feel will aid the validation of your account.

  1. Use the USSD code at a charge!

Yes, there is a code that fetches you your BVN in a millisecond! And that’s the *565*0# code. This code works regardless of your bank or SIM carrier network.

However, your bank must be registered under the Central Bank of Nigeria for this feature to function. But then, you should note that this service is not free. A fee of twenty naira would be instantly deducted from your carrier network account.

Like it was stated earlier, this USSD feature will only work when you have a bank account that is registered at the CBN.

Another compulsory factor is for the SIM you are dialing the code with to be the phone number you used to register the bank account.

For example, if you registered your bank account with an MTN SIM, you will only be able to get your BVN by dialing with the MTN number.

If you do not have a BVN, you have to do the registration physically at any of the bank branches near you.

There, you’d be given a BVN enrolment form to fill. Usually, the form requires that you input details like your date of birth, name, address, etc.

After that, you’d be requested to come around for capturing of your biometric details—your fingerprint, facial photo, and signature. Your signature would be scanned.

Once all of the registration processes are over, you would be issued a document that contains acknowledgement details and a transaction ID. Note that you don’t get your BVN right away.

You may have to wait for a while for CBN to process the eleven-digit number. Usually, your bank will tell you to come around at a later date. Otherwise, you could be forwarded the details via SMS.


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Now, here are some reasons you must have a BVN;

  • The BVN is a tool that links up every single bank account you have existing in Nigeria.
  • The BVN is a tool that curbs the activities of cyber fraudsters.
  • It is a tool used for tracking and validating every financial transaction you make across the various digital platforms in Nigeria.
  • With BVN, the issue of long and endless queues at banks can be solved. The reason is that most people queue for issues relating to fraud and cybercrime. However, with the BVN comes added security.
  • With BVN, banks can function a lot more effectively.


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