AIRTEL 4G Data Plans 2023 – All Subscription Codes and Prices

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Airtel data packs In my previous post I talked about the airtel N200 for 1gb subscription, but for those that are not eligible for the offer, I made this post to list the amazing 4g data plans available that can also give you the best experience on the internet. Airtel Nigeria is one of the … Read more

GLO Data Plan Code 2023 – Get 3GB, 2GB, 1GB for 500 Naira

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Glo data plan Have you heard glo data plan 500 for 2gb and the code to get it? Surely Globacom Nigeria never disappoints when it comes to data. They have proved beyond reasonable doubt to be the “grandmasters of data”. Prior this post we saw the blazing glo 200 naira for 1gb, we were even … Read more

MTN Monthly Subscription Code – All Data Plan Prices & Codes

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Mtn monthly data plan code In this post we’re going to see the various mtn monthly subscription and the code to activate those data plans. All telecom operators in Nigeria have over the years, sought ways to win the hearts of their customers. They have tried to provide more valuable data plans and at the … Read more

MTN Pulse Data Plans Codes & Prices 2023 + How to Migrate

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Mtn pulse subscription Mtn pulse tariff plan has turned out to be the people’s favourite, with their mouth watering data plan you have no choice than to be on this amazing tariff. The mtn pulse data plan is unarguably the best data plan on the mtn network today exclusively for those on the mtn pulse. … Read more

How to Transfer MB from MTN to MTN Line With Code in 2023

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How to send data (mb) from mtn to mtn “How to transfer mb (megabyte) from mtn to mtn” is a very common question among Nigerians everyday. With the increasing rate of mb subscribers daily, I can bet with you that you have at some point requested mb from your friends or tried to transfer some … Read more

Glo Yakata Tariff Plan 2023 – Benefits & Code to Migrate

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Glo new yakata Do you have a glo sim and have not heard about the yakata tariff plan? like you have a mobile phone and you’re not on the glo network? you’re really missing out. I really wonder what you have been doing with your mobile phone since you got it. Unless you don’t make … Read more

How to Transfer Data from MTN to AIRTEL Network in 2023

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How to share data from mtn to airtel Do you have an active data bundle on your mtn line and want to know how to transfer data from your mtn line to mtn, airtel, glo or 9mobile? alright just stick to this post, we’re going to find out how. Mtn Gift Data is a service … Read more

How to Transfer & Share Data from GLO to GLO Line With Code

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How to transfer data (mb) from glo to glo In my previous post, I talked about how to transfer mb (data) from mtn to mtn, but today we’re going to see how to transfer mb (data) from your glo line to another glo line, otherwise known as glo gift. People are usually confused about these … Read more

How to Transfer/Share Data from 9mobile to 9mobile (Etisalat) in 2023

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How to transfer data from etisalat to etisalat (9mobile) Most people are not aware they can transfer data on their 9mobile to another 9mobile. Etisalat which was later rebranded to 9mobile has made it possible for their users to be able to transfer data from their etisalat lines to another user on etisalat or 9mobile. … Read more