How to Transfer Data from MTN to AIRTEL Network in 2023

How to share data from mtn to airtel

how to transfer data from mtn to airtel

Do you have an active data bundle on your mtn line and want to know how to transfer data from your mtn line to mtn, airtel, glo or 9mobile? alright just stick to this post, we’re going to find out how.

Mtn Gift Data is a service that enables you to gift or transfer your data from your active bundle to another line. This literally means you can send data (megabyte) from your mtn line to another person’s line, sounds cool right?

I’m sure you are familiar with the mtn “share n sell” a service that allows you send airtime from your main balance to another person’s line, this service is similar to the “mtn gift data” service but in this case data (megabyte) is transferred and not airtime.

The Mtn Gift Data service comes in 3 ways, you can either; Transfer Data, Buy for a Friend or Request from a Friend. But we’re going to focus on how to Transfer Data from your mtn line to mtn ,airtel, glo or 9mobile, before talking about how to Buy for a Friend and Request from a Friend.

How to send data from mtn to airtel

If you’re the type that’s always on the internet and don’t always lack or run out of data, you might have at some point gotten a request from your friends or siblings for a transfer of data. This your friends might be on another network like airtel, glo or 9mobile. You might even have another line and want to transfer some of your data from your mtn to your airtel, glo or 9mobile line.

You might be wondering if it’s possible to transfer data from your mtn to airtel or any other line, unfortunately Mtn Gift Data service can ONLY allow transfer of data from mtn to mtn.

That’s the recipient must be using mtn line, you can’t transfer data from mtn to airtel, glo or 9mobile, you can only transfer to another mtn line. The only thing you can do is to purchase data for them directly from your bank account, you can’t send data to them if they’re not on the mtn network.

However, if you have family and friends are using mtn or you have another mtn line you want to transfer data to, here’s a simple way to do that.

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How to send data from mtn to mtn

Inorder to transfer data from your mtn line to another mtn line using the Mtn Gift service, you must be have an active data bundle which has at least 50 mb of data in it.

Note: You can’t transfer bonus data, that’s data bonus given to you after you purchase a data plan. You can only transfer from your main data balance.

If you have an active data plan you can then go ahead to transfer data to another mtn line. There are basically three ways of doing this.

To use the Mtn Gift service and transfer data from mtn to mtn dial; *131#. Options will be displayed to you;

  • Select 7 – Gift Data
  • Select 1 – Transfer from Data Balance
  • You’ll be told to “Enter Recipient’s number”

Enter the mtn recipient’s phone number correctly and press send/ok.

Then you will need to Select the amount of data you want to transfer, you’ll be allowed to choose either; 10mb, 50mb, 100mb.

Select the amount of data you want to transfer from the options and press send/ok. You’ll be told to confirm the transfer, click on proceed. After doing this, you’ll recieve a message confirming your successful transfer of data to the recipient’s number.

Note: You can only transfer data twice in a day and you can’t transfer more than 100mb at a time.
If you can’t go through the above procedure you can simply use this format; *131*Phone number* Data amount#

Example: if the mtn phone number you want to transfer data to is 08100123456 and the data amount to be sent is 100mb, simply dial; *131*08100123456*100#

You can also transfer mb from mtn to mtn via text using this format; Transfer[space]Recipient’s Phone Number[space]Data Amount and send to 131.

Example: If the Recipient’s Phone Number is 08100123456 and Data Amount to be transferred is 100mb. Then create this message; Transfer 08100123456 100 and send to 131.

Hope I was plain enough?
Note: This service is completely free of charge, the total data you can transfer in a day is 100mb and you can only transfer twice in day.

But wait, before you go… Do you know you can actually buy data (megabyte) for your family and friends using the Mtn Gift service? what do I mean?

How to gift mtn data

If you don’t have data to transfer, you can buy data using your own mtn line and it will be sent to the person you’re buying the data for, isn’t that amazing? Alright I won’t waste time let’s quickly dive into this, it’s very simple and fast.

How to buy data for someone else on mtn

Just like you opt in or subscribe for your daily, weekly or monthly mtn bundle. You can equally subscribe a data plan for your mtn friends using your own mtn line and they’ll get to enjoy the data including the bonus on their own mtn line. Now how can you do this?

Just dial *131#

  • Select 7 – Gift Data
  • Select 2 – Buy for a Friend

You’ll be told to select a data plan to gift, you can either select; daily, weekly or monthly plan. (you’ll see their prices beside them)

After you select, input the recipient’s phone number and press send/ok. That’s it! you receive a message confirming you data gift to your friend.

How to request data from a friend on mtn

Have you ever being in need of data and don’t have airtime to buy or subscribe? Well with Mtn Gift service you can request data from your data from your friends and they’ll either buy or transfer to you.

Dial *131#

  • Select 7 – Gift Data
  • Select 3 – Request from a Friend

You’ll input the phone number of the person you want to receive data from and press send/ok. You’ll get a message like this ” Your request for a data bundle from 081XXXXXXXX has being delivered”

The person you requested data from will be notified and they’ll either Accept or Reject. Then they can either transfer or buy data for you using the above procedure.


The information in this post shows that you can’t transfer data from mtn to airtel, if you give it a try it won’t work so don’t bother. Just transfer data to their mtn line using what I explained above. If you like this post don’t forget to share to your friends using the share button so they can know how to do this too.

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