Glo Yakata Tariff Plan 2023 – Benefits & Code to Migrate

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Do you have a glo sim and have not heard about the yakata tariff plan? like you have a mobile phone and you’re not on the glo network? you’re really missing out.

I really wonder what you have been doing with your mobile phone since you got it. Unless you don’t make calls or browse the internet then you don’t have any excuse of not being on this ever blazing tariff plan.

It would be really selfish of me if I only keep this to myself without letting you guys know about it. So in this post I’m going to put you all through on the glo yakata tariff plan, how you can activate this tariff plan and get the best deals on both calls and data.

These deals you can never get from any other telecom operator in Nigeria. That’s what makes globacom to stand out from the rest because of their way of giving back to their customers, more that they even paid for and enjoy the full satisfaction of their money.

Without wasting time let’s see what this glo yakata tariff plan is all about for those that have not heard or know little about it and its benefits.

Benefits of glo yakata tariff plan

Glo yakata tariff plan is a prepaid plan provided by the telecom operator Globacom Nigeria to both their existing and new customers, which enables them to enjoy super awesome deals anytime the recharge.

With glo yakata tariff plan, you get 22 times (22X) more value on any of your recharge. Let me break it down, for every glo airtime you load or recharge, glo yakata will give you 22 times more of that amount you recharged.

If you load N100, you’ll receive N500 bonus airtime. If you load N200, you’ll receive N1000. if you load N500 you’ll receive N2,500. And if you load N1000 you’ll receive N5000 etc. worth of airtime, that you can use to make calls to all networks.

If you always make calls, tell me any deal better than this? I’ve not even started, despite receiving such huge call bonuses. You also get to receive a special data bonus on your first recharge in every month for 6 good months!

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That’s for the first recharge of N100 every month you receive 50MB + call bonuses. First N200 recharge every month gives you 250MB and 100MB bonus for each recharge that same month.

First N500 recharge every month gives you 600MB and 250MB bonus for each recharge that same month. Also the first N1000 recharge every month gives you 1200MB and 500MB bonus for each recharge that same month and so on.

With all these mouthwatering call and data bonuses, tell me why you’re not on glo yakata yet?. Oh wait, did I also tell you that you’ll receive free 6GB of data on glo yakata tariff plan every month for 6 months?

Yes, for every month you’ll receive 3GB + 3GB bonus making it 6GB every month for 6 good months!. Isn’t that amazing?

Truly if you ask me, this is the best tariff plan for the moment, that suits both your voice and data needs at the same time.

The best thing about this tariff is it’s available to all glo users, there are no restrictions or conditions whatsoever.

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Code to migrate to glo yakata tariff plan

All you need is to buy and register a new glo sim, activate it and you’ll automatically be added to the glo yakata tariff plan. Basically this means that all new glo sims by default comes with the yakata tariff plan.

However if you already have an existing or old glo sim you can still join the yakata family by dialing *230#. And that’s it! from then you’ll be able to enjoy all those benefits each time you recharge your glo line.

Glo yakata bonus code

The yakata bonus is valid for 7 days starting from that day you recharged and and you can also accumulate the bonuses each time you recharge.

To check you glo yakata balance dial *230*1#. Both your call and data bonus will be displayed to you instantly.

Note: You can only use the bonus for making calls and sending texts. You can’t use it to subscribe for any data plan or transfer to friends.

Once you exhaust your yakata bonus from then your voice calls will then be charged from your main account until you recharge again and receive your bonus.

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In Summary

Which tariff plan is the best on Glo?

The best tariff plan on glo currently is the glo yakata tariff plan, which gives you 22 times more value of every recharge. You also get to receive data bonuses on every first recharge of each month and free 6gb data every month for 6 months.

How do I migrate to Glo yakata tariff?

All new glo sims are already on the glo yakata tariff, all you need is to purchase one and register it. However if you already have an existing or old glo sim you can migrate to the yakata tariff plan by dialing *230#

How long does Glo yakata bonus last?

The glo yakata bonus lasts for 7 days, starting from the day you recharged, after which all unused bonuses will be taken back. Ensure you use your bonuses before the expiry date and you can also accumulate the  bonuses each time you recharge.


I hope you fully understand the glo yakata tariff plan, what it’s all about and the benefits attached. I couldn’t keep it to myself, that’s why I had to make this post for y’all. Return the love by sharing this post to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post. See you in my next post and never stop using glo!

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