MTN Pulse Data Plans Codes & Prices 2023 + How to Migrate

Mtn pulse subscription

mtn pulse data plan

Mtn pulse tariff plan has turned out to be the people’s favourite, with their mouth watering data plan you have no choice than to be on this amazing tariff.

The mtn pulse data plan is unarguably the best data plan on the mtn network today exclusively for those on the mtn pulse. You get to enjoy awesome flat call rates, recharge bonuses and amazing data plan offers that you can’t get on any other mtn tariff.

Truly, mtn pulse is the tariff all mtn users have being waiting for considering the high prices of mtn data plans over the years. So if you’re not on mtn pulse, you’re definitely losing money. Without wasting time let’s move to our main topic which is the mtn pulse data plan, their prices and subscription codes.

Code to migrate to mtn pulse data plan

Before you can subscribe to this plan you must be on the mtn pulse tariff plan. If you’re not on the mtn pulse tariff plan below is how to migrate.

  • Dial *406#
  • Select 1 – Migrate to MTN Pulse
  • Press Send/Ok.

You’ll be notified instantly of your successful migration. This migration is totally free of charge only if your previous tariff plan is up to  30 days, else you’ll be charged N100. Now having migrated to the mtn pulse below are all the amazing data plans available on mtn pulse you can enjoy.

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Mtn pulse night data plan

It’s no longer news that mtn pulse is the only mtn tariff that allows its users to enjoy midnight browsing.
Basically you can’t enjoy midnight browsing unless you’re migrated to mtn pulse. The mtn night plan is only available to mtn pulse users.

The mtn pulse night plan is really beneficial and has saved a lot of lives ever since it was launched. With just 25 naira you get to browse, stream and download your favourite songs and videos on the internet during midnight.

This can even help you save your regular data plan because when you activate the mtn pulse night plan, you’re no longer charged from your normal data plan rather you’ll be charged from your night data plan.
mtn pulse night plan code

The mtn pulse night plan is divided into two parts, we have the 25 naira plan which gives you 250MB and the 50 naira plan which gives you 500MB. This mtn pulse night plan is to be used from 12am to 5am, the maximum data you can enjoy per midnight is 500MB for one mtn sim.

Meaning you can subscribe twice for the 25 naira 250MB but only once for the 50 naira 500MB. To activate this mtn pulse night plan dial *406#

  • Select option 4 – NightLife Bundles

Then activate the midnight plan of your choice. For more in depth and clearer information about the mtn pulse night plan click HERE after reading this post.

Mtn pulse bundle

Apart from the mtn pulse night plans, here are other amazing mtn pulse data plans you can go for.

Mtn pulse 500 for 1.5gb

This another good one coming from mtn. With just 500 naira you get to enjoy 1500+MB for 7 days. You can accumulate this data and auto renew. To activate this plan dial *406#

  • Select 2 – 1.5GB @500

Mtn pulse 750MB for 300

Before you trash this plan remember it’s for 3 days. 750MB to used for 3 days! at just 300 naira. Your regular tariff can’t even offer you this, your only allowed to enjoy this offer if you’re on mtn pulse tariff.

  • To activate this plan dial *406#
  • Select 7 – 750MB @N300

Mtn pulse GoodyBag

With just 25 naira you can enjoy access to whatsapp, facebook, instagram, youtube, opera mini etc. Check it out by dialing *406#

  • Select 6 – GoodyBag

Mtn pulse InstaBinge

Everybody complains of the high rate instagram zaps their data. But here’s good news, with mtn pulse you get a whooping 1GB (1000+MB) for just 200 naira and 250MB for just 100 naira exclusively for use on instagram.

  • To activate dial *406#
  • Select 5 – InstaBinge

Mtn pulse music

For music lovers, you can now stream latest music for just 10 naira/day on music+.

  • Dial *406#
  • Select 3 – Music+ @10

Keep checking *406# for subsequent offers that might be added.

In Summary

Which MTN data plan is best for browsing?

The mtn pulse data plan is unarguably the best plan for browsing today only for those on the pulse tariff. You also get to enjoy other mtn pulse benefits like awesome flat call rates, recharge bonuses and the mtn pulse night plan that you can’t get on any other mtn tariff.

Does MTN Pulse data plan give bonus?

You get to enjoy lots of amazing data bonuses on each of your recharge every week and also enjoy flat call rates on calls to any network.


With the above mtn pulse data plan you can agree with me that mtn pulse tariff is definitely the best choice. If this post was helpful to you, return the love by sharing it to your family and friends using the share buttons, see you on our next post!

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