Unable to Validate Account Details GTBank – Online, App, Code

Unable to validate account details GTBank

One common challenge faced by GTBank customers is being unable to validate bank account details of people they want to make transfers to. This can occur when using the GTBank’s online platform, mobile app and even their USSD codes service. So in this article, we’ll delve into the reasons behind this issue and provide you with practical solutions this problem

Validating your recipient’s bank account details is important in ensuring the accuracy and security of your financial transactions. It involves confirming that the account details of the person you want to make transfer to is correct before initiating any transfer or payment.

This will help to prevent errors and reduce the risk of your money going to the wrong recipient. Of course you wouldn’t want that to happen to you. So here we are going to look at the different channels this error can occur (Online, Mobile App, USSD Code) their causes and what you will do to resolve them.

Unable to Validate Account Details on GTBank Online

GTBank offers their customers the convenience of accessing their accounts and performing transactions through their online banking. However, sometimes you might encounter issues validating the account details of your recipient when trying to perform a transaction. This issue could be as a result of;

  • Poor Network

Poor or unstable network signal can make it difficult for your device to communicate with the GTBank servers. This lack of communication makes the GTBank servers unable to validate the account details of your recipient. When this happens, you’ll need to make sure that the network signal in your area is stable and strong to perform an online transaction. Either you move to a place with a stable network or you simply retry the transaction later.

  • Browser Issue

Make sure your browser is in good working condition. If you’re tech savvy, you can clear your browser’s cache and cookies and retry the transaction again.


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Unable to Validate Account Details on GTBank App

With the GTBank mobile app, customers can enjoy the convenience of accessing their accounts and performing transactions through this mobile app. Yet, the inability of the Gtbank app to validate account details sometimes can be really annoying and frustrating. The following issues could contribute to this problem;

  • App Version

GTbank recently launched a new update to their mobile app. If you’re still using an outdated version of the GTBank mobile app, this could be the reason you’re having issues with the account validation. Update your GTbank Mobile App and try the transaction again.

  • Insufficient Data

I’ve once experienced this issue of account validation when trying to perform a transaction with my GTBank mobile app. I kept on retrying, wondering what could be wrong. Unknowing to me, my data just got exhausted. After several attempts to perform the transaction, I decided to check my data and saw that I had no data left. Immediately, I subscribed for a data plan and guess what? The recipient account was validated and the transaction went through.

Unable to Validate Account Details Using GTBank USSD Code

GTBank’s USSD code allows you to access your account information and perform transactions without the need of an internet connection. But whenever you’re unable to validate you’re recipient’s account details through this method, consider this following issues;

  • Poor Network Signal

Even though this method doesn’t require an internet connection, a weak network signal can disrupt the communication between your device and GTBank’s USSD service. So make sure the network signal in your area is stable and strong before retrying the transaction.

  • Incorrect Code / Digit

Ensure that the code and corresponding options you’re selecting and replying with, is correct. Double check and ensure the account number too is accurate with no omission. Omitting a digit in the account details can lead to validation failure.


Before coming into conclusion that GTBank is unable to validate the account details, make sure that the account details you typed is correct and accurate. If there’s a mistake in the account details or you omit a digit, GTbank is not going to validate it cause the details are wrong. Double check and ensure the digits are correct. If you’ve confirmed that the digits are accurate and GTbank is still unable to validate it, then I believe this article must have been of help to you.


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