UBA Reversal Code – How to Reverse Transactions on UBA Bank

UBA reversal code

One of the important aspects of banking is the ability to reverse your transactions when you make a mistake or when an error occurs. These reversals processes are ways United Bank of Africa (UBA) employ to rectify incorrect or mistaken transactions. This helps to empower financial institutions like UBA to undo erroneous transfers and restore funds to the appropriate accounts. Which is what this article is all about; we’ll walk you through on UBA reversal code to reverse transactions on your UBA account.

In our world today, mistakes are inevitable. No one is above mistakes, and sending money to the wrong person or entering an incorrect amount are common mistakes that can cause unnecessary stress for you and I.

United Bank of Africa (UBA) understands that such mistake can happen, which is why they provided this solution incase such mistake occurs. Before we delve into the solution of such mistake, let’s look at the common transactions that call for reversal;

  • Incorrect Transfer of Funds

There are cases where you can make a mistake and send money to the wrong recipient or type and incorrect transfer amount. This can be due to a typo or mistaken selection.

  • Failed Transactions

Failed transactions can be frustrating. One of the reasons I like UBA is how swift they credit the debited amount back to their customer’s account, allowing them to try the transaction again without undue hassle.

  • Double Deductions

Imagine being charged twice for a single transaction. This is one of the common scenarios we experience frequently with our banks. UBA reversal processes helps to correct such errors, ensuring that customers are not unfairly burdened by unintended duplicate charges.

Alright, having known some of the reasons you might want to reverse your transactions, let me show you how you can reverse your transaction whenever you experience an error or make a mistake when performing a transaction with your UBA account.


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How to reverse transaction on UBA

1. Contact UBA customer care

When you encounter a transaction related issue, the first thing you need to do is to reach out to UBA customer support. Explain the mistake in the transaction and any additional information they will request for, e.g transaction IDs, account number, amount and dates. Make sure you provide accurate information.

2. Wait for verification

After providing them with the necessary details, the UBA customer support representative will carefully verify your claim to ensure the validity of the request.

3. Initiation of reversal

Once your claim is verified, UBA is going to initiate the reversal process of that your transaction. You will need to give them some time to process the request. Processing times may vary, so it’s advisable to keep an eye on your account for update or any notification.

4. Confirm the reversal

Once the reversal is completed, you’ll receive a notification from UBA via text message or email. Head over to your account statement or balance to ensure that the funds have been successfully restored to your account.


That’s how to reverse transactions on UBA. Whenever you encounter any transaction related issue, always act promptly. The sooner you contact UBA customer support to initiate the reversal process of your transaction, the higher the chances of a successful outcome. And again always double check the transaction details before confirming any payments or transfers. Save and write down the IDs and dates of your transactions, as they might be required during the reversal process.


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