How to Transfer MTN Pulse Points to another Number in 2023

How to transfer MTN Pulse points

How to transfer MTN Pulse points

On the MTN network, you can transfer airtime from your account to another. You can also transfer or share data with another user. If you are on MTN pulse tariff plan, airtime and data, whether main or bonus, are not the only things you can have on your account balance. MTN pulse points are also one of the things you will find on your balance. Just so you want to help someone out with data or airtime and you have some Pulse points to spare, let’s look at how you can transfer your MTN Pulse points.

The pulse points awarded to an MTN Pulse tariff user can only be redeemed to get selected packages on the MTN network. Pulse points are unique to a user and therefore cannot be transferred to another account. They will remain in your account until you use them.

Pulse points are bound to expire, so just because you cannot transfer them does not mean you should leave them dormant in your account. Every MTN pulse point you have in your account is valid till the end of the year (i.e, 31st December), regardless of when it was obtained. So once it is past December 31st at 11:59:59 PM, any pulse point in your account will expire and be removed.

It will be a wide decision to redeem your pulse points once they are up to a substantial amount.

Now, to convert your pulse points to data, Dial *406*7# to bring up the data options. They include

  • Data Bundle
  • Nightlife Bundle
  • IG/TikTok

A single Pulse point is worth or equivalent to N1 in value. So if you have about 10 pulse points, that will be N10 worth in value, 25 pulse points worth N25, And 200 pulse points are equal to N200 in value, as the case might be.

The pulse points are credited to your account every time you perform selected activities on the network, such as purchase some selected daily, weekly, and monthly data bundles; Gift data to loved ones, Subscribe to MTN Music Time, Purchase IG/TikTok bundles, use the myMTN app; and also When you migrate to the MTN Pulse tariff plan (if you are a first time user).

So if you have amounted to say 500 or 100 pulse points, you can go ahead and redeem the points. To check if you have enough pulse points, dial the MTN Pulse Point balance USSD code *406*7*1#. A message showing the number of pulse points you have will be sent to you.

Pulse points cannot be transferred and cannot be converted or redeemed as airtime. You can only redeem pulse points as data for browsing the web. There are three possible data options that you can choose to redeem with your MTN pulse points. They include;

  • Data bundles. The normal day-to-day data bundle that you purchase.
  • Nightlife bundles for browsing at night from 12 AM to 5 AM.
  • IG/TikTok bundles for surfing Instagram and TikTok.

To redeem your pulse points as data, Dial *406*7# or you dial *406# > Select 7 (Pulse Points) and choose between Data Bundle, Nightlife Bundle, and IG/TikTok the data you want to redeem. or you can proceed to buy a specific data plan by dialing the code for the plan and then Choosing to fund the purchase with your pulse points under payment options.


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