How to Get My Zenith Bank Online Statement of Account 2023

Zenith bank statement of account

zenith bank online statement of account

As long as day-to-day transactions are continuously being carried out between banks and customers, there will be agreement issues once in a while. It could be a bank transfer that was never received or refunded, deductions that seem too much, etc. Hence the need for a statement of account to check all transactions that happened on your bank account within a selected period. Zenith bank through their online banking can issue a statement of account online.

This is a welcome thought knowing how tedious it can be going to the bank to get a statement of account. So instead of the stress of going to the bank, navigating long queues, and hours of waiting in line, you can avoid all that by getting your statement of account online.

This can save you a lot of time to do other things that you normally do. If you are having conflicts as regards your bank transactions, below we explain how you can get your Zenith Bank statement of account online.

How to get my zenith bank statement of account online

To get a Zenith bank Statement of account online, you need to have access to the internet and the authentic bank online outlets. Zenith bank operates online with its customers via its website and its mobile banking app. So you can use either of the channels to request and get your statement of account online.

To request for Zenith bank statement of account via their website

– Go to the internet banking page. To avoid you falling victim to scam attempts through clone sites, please search the bank online and follow the authentic bank website URL.

– Login to your account with your preferred login method.

– If linked to more than one account, select the particular account you wish to request a statement account.

– Now, click on Account from the options on the screen to bring up the account options.

– On the account options, select Account Summary.

– Click on Beyond 3 months to select the date range of the statement you want. Usually, the Account statement will be for the last 3 months. Pick a start date and an end date for your desired range.

– Continue to generate your statement of account by clicking search. It will take a little while to finish loading.

– Now click on the loaded file to download and save it to your device. You can open it afterward with any compatible app. Usually, it is saved in PDF format, so you might need a pdf reader.

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To get a Zenith Bank statement of account via mobile app

– Download and install Zenith Bank Mobile Banking App if you do not have it on your device already.

– Open the app and log in.

– Navigate to overview.

– On the account overview, click on history.

– Choose the desired account if you have more than one account linked.

– Click on the email statement.

– Decide the time range for which you want the account statement to be generated by picking the start date and the end date.

– An email will be required to where the generated statement of account will be mailed to. Enter your working email address in the space provided.

– Now click on send statement.

– You will receive an email from Zenith Bank containing your statement of account in a downloadable pdf format.

Please note that the Zenith Bank Mobile Banking App is constantly being updated to fix bugs and add more features. So procedures might be slightly different from the steps above while navigating. So always be on the lookout for statement of account while navigating, because it might just be in front of you.

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