Airtel Recharge Code – How To Load Airtel Card on Your Phone

How to load airtel airtime

how to recharge airtel airtime

Do you have an airtel sim but don’t know how to recharge it with airtel airtime or credit? Recharging your airtel card is very easy and you’re going to find out in this post.

If you’re the type that has multiple sim cards like me, I can bet that at some point in time you’ve wanted to recharge your other sims with airtime but don’t seem to remember how to do it lol.

Relax it’s very normal and it happens to everyone one including me. If that other sim is not your main line and you don’t use or recharge it often, you’ll surely forget the recharge code.

So that’s why I made this post for airtel users who want to recharge their airtel lines, so you would write it down and won’t forget it next time you want to recharge.

How to load airtel credit

Airtel is one of the leading and best network service providers in Nigeria. Almost everyone in Nigeria has an airtel sim, if not for calls definitely for internet browsing due to their mouthwatering data packages.

Despite this, some airtel users still don’t know how to load or recharge their airtel lines using ussd code. Most of us have resorted to topping up our airtel airtime directly from our bank but what if you don’t have any money left in your bank account? or you simply don’t want to touch the money there, how will you then handle the situation?

Apart from that, recharging airtel credit from the scratch card gives you airtime and data bonuses you can use for calls and internet browsing which you can’t get by recharging from your bank account.

All these and more is why it’s important to know how to recharge or load airtel airtime using ussd code. So without wasting any more time let’s get right into it.

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How to load airtel airtime scratch card

To load airtel card you need to have your airtel recharge card and ofcourse your airtel sim which must be inserted to your mobile device. If all that is in place then use this format to recharge your airtel airtime;

  • *126*Airtel 16 Digits Pin#

Airtel 16 Digits Pin – This is the 16 digits pin in front of the airtel recharge card that you bought or the one under the dark part you scratched off.

Example; Let’s say the Airtel 16 Digits Pin on your airtel recharge card is 2222 4444 6666 8888, then the ussd code you should dial would be;

  • *126*2222 4444 6666 8888# and press send/ok

Note: Ensure you input the correct digits on the airtel recharge card before dialing it and if your airtel recharge card requires you to scrape off the dark part before you see the digits.

Do not use any sharp object to scrape it so as not to scrape off the airtime digits rather use your fingernail or a pinch of sand to do that. And when scraping, do it gently until the airtime digits become visible to you.

How to check airtime balance on airtel

I know many people who know how to recharge their airtel airtime but checking their airtel airtime is always the problem. The ussd codes for airtime recharge and airtime balance always seems to confuse us but I’m going to clarify that now.

Knowing how to check your airtel airtime balance is also very important. Imagine if you don’t know your bank account balance, you won’t know the rate you should be spending.

Same thing applies to your airtime account balance, you won’t even be able to subscribe to an airtel data plan because you don’t know how much is remaining and what you should add to that one in order to subscribe for a data plan.

So it’s always important you know your airtel account balance incase you want to make a call or subscribe for a data plan.

How to check airtel airtime

To check your airtel credit balance dial *123#. Once you dial that, your airtime account balance will be displayed immediately to you including your airtel tariff plan.

If you were given any call, data or sms bonus during your airtime recharge, you can check your all bonuses by dialing *123*1# and all your bonuses will be displayed immediately.

In  Summary

How can I recharge my Airtel card using serial number?

To load or recharge your airtel airtime or card using serial number dial; *126*Airtel 16 Digits Pin#. For example if the number on the airtel recharge card is 2222 4444 6666 8888, then to load the recharge card dial; *126*2222 4444 6666 8888# and press send/ok.

How do I check my Airtel account balance?

To check your airtel account balance on airtel dial; *123#, your main credit balance will be displayed instantly to you. T check airtime call bonus on airtel dial  *123*1#.


Sometimes you might mistake this airtime balance code for airtel recharge code, I at a particular time have made such mistake.

Do not use *123* to load your airtel airtime or credit, if you do that you airtime will be gone and you won’t be able to recover it.

You only use *123# for checking your airtel airtime balance and *126*Airtel 16 Digits Pin# for recharging your airtel airtime.

Hope this post on how to recharge and load airtel card was clear enough show some love by sharing this post using the share buttons on this post.

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