How to Check BVN On GLO Network With Your Phone Using Code

How to check bvn on glo

How to Check Your BVN On GLO Network

Are you at the bank right now and want to know how you can check your bvn on your glo network? Look no further because in this post you’re going to see how to do that! It’s very easy and straight forward and wont take your time at all.

Bank Verification Number popularly known as BVN is biometric system introduced by Central Bank to reduce identity theft, fraudulent transactions and other illegal banking transactions in Nigeria. Banks use it to register and identify their customers, every account holder on any bank must have a bvn which contains biometrics of their identity. Every bank in Nigeria uses it to uniquely identify each of their customers.

This biometrics basically contains your picture and your fingerprint and serves as your identity to the bank, so every bank account holder have a bvn. Even if you don’t have any bank account yet, you must try and have a bvn, if not you will be restricted to some certain things in the country like you won’t even be able to enroll for your National Identity Card (NIMC) which is one of the most important document to have in the country, if you don’t have a bvn.

So if you don’t have a bvn, enter into any bank near you and enroll for one, it doesn’t take much time to get. Well you don’t need to do this if you already have a bank account, if you have a bank account you already have a bvn, trust me.

All that being said, lets now answer our main question which is how to check your bvn on glo newtork without wasting any other time.

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How to check bvn number on glo

Before checking your bvn on glo network make sure you have a minimum of 20 naira in your airtime account and also ensure that the glo phone number you want to use to check your bvn is the same one you used to open that your bank account and is properly inserted in your phone. If all that is in order you can then go ahead to check your bvn.

To check your bvn with your glo sim using ussd code dial *565*0# and your bvn will be displayed to you instantly. It’s an 11 digit unique number that contains your biometrics.

Checking your bvn on glo network cost about 20 naira airtime each time you check it. You can write it down a paper and keep it safe and away from people or you can always check it anytime you need it by dialing the above code (charges apply).

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How to check your bvn on glo if you have more than one bank account

The procedure above is very effective if you have one bank account, however if you have more than one bank account registered with that your sim card, you’ll need to follow another simple procedure to get your bvn.

The way to check or get your bvn if you have multiple bank accounts associated with your phone number is to go to any of your banks, meet the customer care and request for your bvn and within few minutes you’ll get your bvn.

Using the aforementioned ussd code won’t be able fetch you your bvn if you have multiple bank accounts but works effectively if you have just one bank account. So if you have more than one bank account go into any of the banks you have account with and request for your bvn, it doesn’t take time at all.


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