How To Borrow Airtime From MTN With Your Phone & Pay Later

How to borrow money from mtn

how to borrow airtime from mtn

Are you low on credit? Do you know you can actually borrow card or airtime from mtn and pay back later? Yes it’s called the mtn xtratime services. It’s a service provided by mtn that allows you to borrow airtime anytime you’re low on credit and then pay later with your next recharge.

Low or insufficient airtime have really left many people stranded and put them in difficult situations. I remember back in the day before the mtn xtratime was introduced, when so many I know missed important meetings and opportunities as a result of low airtime and I’m also sure you reading this have at some point found yourself in a situation where you really needed to make a call across to someone but discovered that you had insufficient airtime to make the call.

Irrespective of the fact that we now have quite a number of offline and online services available for you to purchase airtime, even the TopUp service which allows you to purchase airtime directly from your bank but all these airtime services were not available years ago, so how were individuals able to cope during that time?

With the advent of innovations and advancement in telecom service operators, mtn which is the leading telecom operator in Nigeria has provided lots of services which have made life a lot easier for their users.

One of those services is the mtn xtratime services which lets you borrow a limited amount of airtime which you can use for calls text, data and any service subscription and this borrowed airtime will be deducted from your next recharge.

So if you’re here to know about the mtn xtratime, eligibility and how you can borrow money or credit from mtn, keep reading this post so you don’t miss anything.

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How to borrow card from mtn

Before you can borrow airtime or credit from mtn, your sim must be eligible for the mtn xtratime. What do I mean by this? It means your sim must have recharged a particular amount of airtime in a month and not just that, even if you’re eligible, the amount of airtime you’re eligible to borrow greatly depends on how often you recharge your mtn line.

While some mtn sims are eligible to borrow up to 400 naira or 500 naira airtime, some other sims can only be able to borrow just 100 naira or 200 naira airtime, some are even only eligible for 50 naira airtime. It all depends on how often you recharge your mtn line and the amount you always recharge with will determine the amount of airtime you can be eligible to borrow.

My mtn sim for example is eligible for up to 1000 naira and 2000 naira airtime because I normally recharge my sim with nothing less than N500 to N1000 airtime every week and I’ve being doing this for a very long time thus reason for more privileges for my sim.

You can borrow up to two or three times before your next recharge depending on the limit given to you, once you reach your xtratime limit you won’t be able to borrow another airtime until you completely pay for the one you already owe. No matter how long it takes you to recharge that mtn line, the mtn airtime that you borrowed will always be there waiting for you and must be deducted immediately you recharge, you can’t escape it lol.

I for example have tried several times to avoid paying the mtn xtratime I owed. I have played tricks to bypass paying my xtratime debt, the most common I did was to recharge my mtn line with the popular Awuf4u recharge bonus which credits your line with five times (5X) your recharge is just a temporary solution , your debt will still be there waiting for you.

Once you recharge your main account balance which will happen eventually, your airtime will be deducted immediately. They’ll keep doing this until you’ve completed your debt, that’s just a little information about the mtn xtratime, now let’s quickly see how you can now borrow card or airtime from mtn.

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How to borrow credit on mtn

Just like I mentioned earlier in this post, the mtn xtratime service is exclusively for people with low airtime. This means that your main account balance must be less that 99 naira before you can be able to borrow airtime. If your mtn airtime is above 99 naira you won’t be allowed to borrow money or credit until your airtime becomes lower than 99 naira.

So if your airtime is low and you’re eligible to borrow airtime just dial *606#, a menu will pop up displaying the airtime your sim is eligible to borrow, select the airtime you want and press send.

Once you do that, your account will be credited with the airtime and a 15% service fee will be charged for every airtime you borrow. This means that you’ll be charged 7 naira for every 50 naira you borrow, you’ll be charged 15 naira for every 100 naira you borrow and 30 naira for every 200 naira you borrow etc. You can use this xtratime for calls, texts, data or service subscriptions etc.

How to check mtn xtra time balance

You can’t check or see your mtn xtratime balance using the usual method of checking your mtn account balance. For reasons best known to mtn, your xtratime balance won’t display in your main account balance, you’ll only see a constant negative figure of the airtime you borrowed.

Tocheck and know your mtn xtratime balance dial *606#, select 3 (My Account), select 2 (Account Balance). Once you do that, your xtratime balance will pop up immediately and you’ll see your remaining xtratime balance.

In Summary

How can i borrow airtime from mtn

You can borrow credit or airtime form mtn by dialing *606#, select from the airtime options available for you and then press send. Your account will be credited with the airtime and a 15% service fee will be charged for every airtime you borrow, this borrowed airtime will be deducted from your next recharge.


That’s how to borrow credit or card from mtn, whenever your account runs low, you can always borrow from mtn and then pay back later and this will help you in urgent situations where you can’t get airtime elsewhere, it will help save you time and is very much convenient. If this post was helpful to you, do well to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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