Disadvantages of Bitter Kola – What are the side effects?

In this article we going to be looking at the side effects of bitter kola, bitter kola benefits and side effect of bitter kola during pregnancy.

Bitter Kola Benefits and Side Effects

side effects of bitter kola

Garcinia kola also known as bitter kola has being used for centuries in african culture for both traditional and medicinal purposes. it has being identified as an important antibiotics which is efficient for the treatment of many illnesses.

Bitter kola has a lot of health benefits, abusing it might cause a lot of problems. Don’t underestimate the possible problems that may come if you abuse bitter kola. Below are bitter kola health benefits and side effects.

Side Effects of Bitter Kola

1. Blood pressure

Avoid eating bitter kola and alligator pepper if you experience high blood pressure. Do not consume bitter kola and alligator at the same time as this pose a high risk in your health system by increasing your high pressure.

2. Slows blood clotting

This is one of the side effects of eating bitter kola. Excess consumption of bitter kola can lead to blood clotting. In a case where a person is bleeding avoid eating excess bitter kola as this can worsen the condition of that person. You are also advised to avoid eating bitter kola after surgeries.

3. Not good for diabetes

This is another serious side effects of bitter kola. This is due to the presence of caffeine in bitter kola, which can lead to incorrect sugar level in your body so be very careful with amount you consume.

4. Too much caffeine

Bitter kola contains too much of caffeine that is why consuming too much of it can be unhealthy. So be very careful in the quantity of bitter kola you consume.

5. Worsen diarrhea

Excessive consumption of bitter kola when you have diarrhea related issues it can worsen your situation.

6. Anxiety

Stay away from bitter kola if you have problems relating to stress and anxiety. Bitter kola contains components that can worsen your anxiety problems.

7. Causes mouth cancer

Too much chewing of bitter kola can cause mouth cancer, according to researchers

The side effects of bitter kola in the body depends on the way you consume it. It’s advised not to eat more than two bitter kola a day. Consume moderately to avoid health problems, if bitter kola is consumed moderately it will provide you with health benefits.

Side Effect of Bitter Kola During Pregnancy

bitter kola benefits and side effects

Pregnant women should not consume bitter kola due to the high caffeine content present in it. This caffeine when consumed by pregnant women has a high risk of affecting the baby’s weight, sleeping pattern, movement and metabolism.
Apart from that bitter kola when consumed in excess by pregnant women might increase their blood pressure and heart rate which is not a good condition for a pregnant woman.
In the later stages of a woman’s pregnancy the baby is still maturing and cannot adapt to the caffeine present in bitter kola, this might lead to miscarriage of the unborn baby.


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Bitter Kola Health Benefits

Garcinia kola or bitter kola belongs the species of tropical flowering plant commonly found in Nigeria, Congo, Benin republic, Ivory coast and some other African countries.

Bitter kola is regarded in high esteem in all countries including Nigeria. That’s why it’s recommend to have it by your side at all times because of its numerous human health benefits.

1. Bitter kola improves fertility in men

Bitter kola is sometimes believed to cure impotency in men.So many men eat bitter kola because they believe frequent consumption of bitter can boost their sexual performers, you can eat bitter kola few minutes before intercourse this will help boost your performance and last longer.

2. Reduces belly fat and weight gain

By easily digesting your food bitter kola will help you lose belly fat and increase your urge of drinking water thereby helping you reduce weight.

3. Improves immune system

The antioxidants present in bitter kola does not only fight bacteria but also also boost your immune system. Frequent consumption of bitter helps to build your immune system against diseases attack that you might not even know about.

4. Anti poison

This explains why most people go to parties or events with bitter kola in their bag pocket. In cases where food poisoning is suspected the seed and the bark of bitter kola should be eaten together. This helps to detoxify the body system and get rid of the poison.

5. Improves stamina

For people that always feel weak especially at work or during chores at home, eating one bitter kola will help get you back on your feet. This is also good for men who are weak and not vibrant in bed. Eating bitter kola will help improve your stamina and make you last longer.

6. Bitter kola increases longevity

Have you noticed that bitter kola is mostly eaten by elderly people? They believe that bitter kola prolongs life. According to researches bitter kola contains chemical compound that helps in the breakdown of glycogen in the liver and has other medicinal uses thus reason for its longevity properties.

7. Fights glaucoma

Glaucoma is caused by pressure in the eye which leads to gradual loss of eye sight. Consumption of bitter kola helps to reduce this pressure between the eye balls thereby reducing the risk of glaucoma which might result to eye blindness if not taken care of.

8. It relieves cough and diarrhea

Any time your choked with cough or your suffering from chronic cough always peel and eat a bitter kola anytime the cough triggers. The chemicals in the bitter kola helps in cleansing the excess mucus in your throat thereby relieving the cough in less time.

9. It reduces intoxicating effect of alcohol

This also explains why most guys move around with Bitter kola especially when they are going for a drink with friends. This is because bitter kola reduces the intoxicating effect of alcohol. If you must drink alcohol it’s advisable to chew one or two bitter kola seeds before taking alcohol. This will help reduce the alcoholic effects of the alcohol in your system.

10. Boost metabolism

Chewing one bitter kola in the morning will help with your metabolism by facilitating your digestion which will help you easily digest the food you’ll eat that day.

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11. Fights osteoarthritis

A study from Obafemi Awolowo university shows that bitter helps to reduce the pains associated with osteoarthritis.This is a common form of arthritis that affects mainly the joint cartilage and underlying bones. This causes stiffness and a lot of pains in those areas, so consumption of bitter kola reduces the stiffness, inflammation and pains caused by this arthritis.

12. Bitter kola is an anti malaria agent

If you live in an area that breeds a lot of mosquitoes, you’ll be prone to malaria. An experimental study shows the chemical constituents in bitter kola has anti malaria properties that helps to fight malaria parasites. If the malaria persists please consult your doctor.

13. Clears voice

If you have a crack or coarse voice consuming bitter kola will help clear and smoothen your voice. Mucus is produced along the line of your vocal tube so bitter kola helps to clear your voice by simulating the mucus production in your vocal tube.

14. Fights constipation

Eating on bitter kola whenever you feel constipation will help to relieve your system by removing the gas from your system.

15. Kills mouth odour

Chewing a bitter kola before talking someone will help kill your mouth odour if you have one. In case you forgot to brush your mouth before leaving the house you can eat one bitter kola this will help remove the odour from your mouth and not make you feel embarrassed when meeting new people.

16. Prevents snakes

This does not involve eating the bitter kola. Just spread bitter kola around your vicinity or your compound for this great antibiotic will drive snakes away from your compound because snakes don’t like the smell f bitter kola. You can also do this in your rooms, offices, farms to chase away snakes.

17. It improves lung function

Bitter kola is used as a traditional medicine in the treatment of cold and has being effective for centuries.


Those are the disadvantages and side effects of bitter kola, always consume moderately and if you are pregnant or have any health problem, please consult your doctor before you taking bitter kola.


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