How To Check Night Plan Balance on AIRTEL with Code in 2023

How to check airtel night plan data balance

how to check night plan balance on airtel

Can you really check your airtel night plan balance? Have you tried checking it? Does it work? All these questions and more we are going to answer in this post, stay tuned.

Airtel night plan is one of the most subscribed on the airtel network considering the state of the economy and the difficulty in getting a good and affordable data plan these days, you can agree with me that the airtel night browsing has being a sustainer and life saver since it was launched.

Not only has it allowed us to have access to the internet during midnight hours, it has also helped us to save our main airtel data subscription. The airtel midnight browsing is a highly recommended data plan for internet freaks like me who stay on the internet till midnight hours.

Once you opt in for the airtel night data plan, subsequent data deductions will be taken from your airtel night data plan once it’s 12am down till 5am. If you have a main airtel data plan that is still active, it won’t be touched during those midnight hours unless you exhaust your airtel night bowsing plan which then brings us to the question, how do you know when your airtel night data plan is exhausted?

Most times we get too rapt and carried away on what we are doing online that we fail to monitor our airtel midnight data balance. We end up using up our main active airtel data plan too. If you’re a regular airtel midnight plan subscriber, you’ll notice that sometimes airtel sends us notifications reminding us that our night plan will soon expire or exhaust but we can’t really rely on those notifications especially if you’re making use of modem on your PC, you might not get or see the notification.

So the best way is to know how to check your airtel night plan balance so as to know when to stop browsing and not to be caught unawares. And I know you must be wondering if it’s possible to know your airtel night plan balance, keep reading this post to find out how.

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How to check airtel midnight data balance

Just like I said earlier, it’s important to know how to check your airtel night plan balance. It’ll help you to monitor your data your data usage and stop browsing when the airtel night plan has exhausted.

But unfortunately there’s no ussd code provided to tell you your night balance. The usual ussd code for checking airtel data plan balances which is *140# will only display your main data plan balance. It does not display your airtel night plan data balance.

The alternative way of knowing your airtel night data plan balance is by going to your phone’s settings. If you’re using a smart phone to browse, navigate to phone’s settings, click on data usage. You can create a data limit and limit your data usage to the size of the airtel night mb that you have, e.g if you subscribed for 250mb airtel night plan then set your data usage limit to 250mb for that night.

Then as you browse you can check your data usage from that your phone’s settings, once it reaches the limit, your data will automatically switch off. At that moment just know that you’ve exhausted your airtel 250mb night plan, you might also receive a notification on airtel about the night data plan expiry.

After that, go back to your phone settings and remove the data limit by unchecking the data limit box. If you do this you can now continue browsing from your main active data plan if you have any.

You can keep using this method to check your airtel night data or browsing plan as it’s the only alternative for now until airtel Nigeria provides a ussd code to check the airtel night smart trybe data balance just as mtn, glo and 9mobile have done. Once that happens, we’ll still update you guys.

In Summary

How do i check my airtel night plan balance

The ussd code *140# only displays your airtel main data balances, however to check your airtel night data plan balance go to your phone’s setting, click on data usage and, set it to a custom time range starting from 12am and you will see the amount of data you’ve used from the set time and know how many you have left from your night plan

In conclusion

That’s how to check data balance for airtel night browsing plan. If this post was helpful to you do well to let others know about it by sharing it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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