How To Check My GLO Phone Number With Code + SMS (2023)

How to know your glo number

how to check your phone number on glo

Have you ever being in need of your glo line but don’t know how to check your phone number on glo ? Relax we’re going to show you how to know your glo phone number, it’s very easy and straightforward.

Not knowing your glo phone number is a common issue among Nigerians especially if you have multiple glo sims. People don’t usually see the need to know their glo numbers off heart especially when it doesn’t serve any official purposes to them.

Apart from your main glo line, you might have other glo lines that you use for your browsing purposes and you might be wondering how to check glo number of those lines. Before now people usually run to their glo sim packs for their phone number or they call a nearby friend or customer care and request for their own number on glo.

But you can’t really rely on those methods especially when you’re in dire need of your glo phone number and it’s also totally unnecessary to carry your glo sim pack around you wherever you go but with this simple method I’m going to show you, there’s no need to always carry your sim pack.

By just dialing a simple code you’ll always know how to check and get your glo number anytime, any day, stay tuned.

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How to get my glo number

To check or view your glo phone number with code is totally free of charge, all you need is your phone and ofcourse your glo sim card inserted into your phone. Before now there used to be a code for checking glo number but it seems that code is no longer valid, so glo have provided us with another faster way of checking your glo number, it’s very straightforward and works 100%.

If you have your phone and glo sim ready below is the code to check glo number,

  • Dial 1244

After dialing that you’re going to hear a voice that will call out your glo phone number, just take a pen and write it down somewhere incase you forget it.

Attention: Just found out that the above code for checking glo phone number just stopped working, if it didn’t work for you then Dial *777# > Select 4 (My Tarriff Plan) > Select 3 (My Number).

Note: You must dial this code with that glo sim you want to check its number. You can’t use another glo sim to check the phone number of another glo sim, the glo sim you want to check its phone number is what you’ll use to dial the code from your phone. Now that is how to find or know your glo number.

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How to check own number on glo

Another alternative method to view or bring out glo number is by calling or flashing a friend close to you with your own glo number and ofcourse when you do this you know your glo phone number will display on their screen right or you tell them to go to their call log and call out your own glo phone number to you.

Alternatively you can also call glo customer care number which is 121, listen and follow the voice instruction to get details of your glo phone number.

Using the above method you can see how easy it is to check and know your glo phone number, prior to these methods people usually carry their glo sim pack wherever they go to and refer to it for their glo phone number anytime they forget it.

But with these new methods knowing your glo phone number is just a click away, there’s no need for taking your sim pack or calling customer care or a friend all the time. By just dialing short code you’ll have access and see your glo number whenever you want at no cost at all.

How to check my glo number via sms

You can’t receive your glo number to your inbox per say but you can check your glo number via sms by following these steps below;

  1. Open your messaging app. This is where you’ll compose and send the SMS.
  2. Tap on the option to compose a new message.
  3. In the message body, Just type “Hello” or any simple message you can send to a friend or any person close to you.
  4. After typing the message, send it to the recipient’s phone number (preferably, someone close to you that can show you your glo phone number). You can send it to a friend, family member, or any other number you have access to.
  5. Shortly after sending the SMS, your recipient will receive the message and it will display your Glo phone number.
  6. Let the person open the message you sent and check the sender to see your Glo phone number. Make sure to jot it down or save it in your contacts for future reference.

With that, you’ve successfully checked and shared your Glo phone number by sending an SMS to another number. This method is convenient when you need to provide your number to someone or when you can’t recall your own number.

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In Summary

How do I check my Glo number on my phone?

If you want to check or know your own glo number on your phone dial this code 1244, you’ll hear a voice that will call out your phone number on glo. You can always get your glo number by dialling 1244.

How to view my number on glo

You can know or check your glo phone number by dialing 1244, listen to the voice that will call out your glo number and write it down or you dial *777# > Select 4 (My Tarriff Plan) > Select 3 (My Number). You can also flash your friend using your glo sim and request for your glo number from them.

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In conclusion

That is how to check your glo phone number; you have no other excuse of not knowing your glo phone number. No matter how many glo sim cards you have, you can always check and know the phone number of each of your glo sims using the above method.

If this post was helpful to you, do well to share it to your family, friends and relatives using the share buttons on this post so they’ll also know how to check, get, view and bring out their glo phone number too. See you on our next post.

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