How To Check Airtime & Awuf4u Balance on MTN with Code

How to check account balance on mtn & awuf4u balance

code to check mtn airtime balance

Do you want to know the code to check your mtn airtime balance? Or did you recharge with the mtn awuf4u but don’t know how to check your awuf4u balance? Look no further because in this post you’re going to see how to check your mtn airtime and awuf4u balances.

In my previous post I talked about how to check your mtn data balances but today we’re going to be looking at how you can know your airtime balances. The latter to me is much more important than the former because we might have people that don’t buy data plans but I don’t think we have people that don’t buy airtime.

Most people do not really pay attention on how to check their airtime, they have given deaf ears and less attention, disregarding it as not really important but ignorance of this has left many people stranded and put them in difficult situations.

I know a lot of people that don’t check their mtn airtime balance, all they do is recharge and make calls till their airtime exhaust then at that moment they’ll just swiftly purchase another one. What if you have an important call to make which might last long? Would you just go ahead and make the call hoping that you have enough airtime left on your mtn sim?

Regardless of how easy it might be for you to purchase airtime especially if you’re using the TopUp services of your bank account, would you really be happy with the frequent low airtime interruptions and delay between your important calls?

Even the TopUp services from bank is not always reliable, sometimes bad network can delay your airtime purchase from bank, in such cases what would you do? Or you find yourself in an area where mtn airtime is not easily accessible and you have an urgent call to make, if you find yourself in such situation how will you handle it? There are numerous reasons you’ll need to plan ahead for cases mentioned above.

By knowing how to check your mtn airtime balance, it will help save you from frequent low airtime notifications that interrupt your important calls and save you from being stranded. It will also help you know the remaining mtn airtime in your account and decide whether it’s enough for you or whether to recharge more ahead of important or urgent calls you might make.

So without wasting more time let’s quickly see the code to check mtn main airtime balance, after that we’ll see how to check the mtn awuf4u balance.

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How to check mtn credit balance

There are few ways of checking your mtn airtime balance but you can basically check it by dialing the code below;

To check your mtn airtime balance just dial *556#. Ever since I started using mtn till the day of publishing this post, this has being the code of checking mtn airtime and it works 100% anytime anyday.

Once you dial that *556#, you receive a message instantly containing your mtn tarrif plan together with your airtime balance. You’ll also receive a message immediately to your inbox containing details of your airtime balance.

Alternatively you can check your airtime balance by dialing *123# > Select 1 (Account Info) >Select 3 (My Account) , Your main account balance will pop up instantly to you. A message containing your account balance will also be sent you via text.

You can also check your mtn airtime balance using the Mtn App, if you have it installed on your phone but I recommend dialing the code I mentioned above, it’s very much easier and faster.

That is the code and how to check your mtn airtime balance but before have you heard of the mtn awuf4u recharge? Ok let’s quickly see how you can start enjoying this bonus and how to check your awuf4u airtime balance.

Mtn awuf4u

Mtn awuf4u recharge is a bonus recharge that gives you five times (5X) of your recharge. This literally means you’ll get 5X more of any of your recharge, meaning that if you recharge N100 you’ll receive N500, if you recharge N200 you’ll receive N1000, if you recharge N400 you’ll receive N2000. This bonus is valid for 30 days but you can accumulate and receive the bonus anytime you recharge with the code below.

Mtn awuf4u migration code – How to get the bonus recharge

To get the mtn awuf4u bonus, recharge your mtn airtime with the *888*airtime digits# That is to say, instead of the usual recharge code which is *555*airtime digits# which gives you the allocated airtime you purchased, using *888*airtime digits# to recharge gives you 5X of the airtime you purchased and it’s valid for 30 days.

How to check mtn awuf4u balance

I’ve already outlined the importance of knowing how to check your main airtime, this also applies to your awuf4u bonus airtime because you use both for calls. This awuf4u bonus recharge is available to all mtn sims, there are no eligibility, requirements or restrictions, all mtn sims can enjoy this bonus recharge.

However this awuf4u bonus recharge is not applicable when you recharge directly from your bank account, only the allocated airtime you purchased from your bank account will be given, you won’t receive any awuf4u 5X bonus. To enjoy the awuf4u bonus buy mtn card and recharge with the code I gave above.

After recharging and receiving the awuf4u bonus, you can check your bonus balance by dialing *559*14#. Once you dial that, your awuf4u bonus balance will be displayed to you instantly including the bonus duration.

Gone are those days when telecom operators do not allow their users to know their bonus airtime balance. Using the above code, you can always know your awuf4u bonus balance anytime anyday.


That’s how to check your mtn airtime and awuf4u balances. If this post was helpful to you, show some love by sharing this post to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post

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