Code to Check & Know My MTN Number With My Phone in 2023

How to check your phone number on mtn

how to view my mtn number

If you’re here to find out how to know, check or view your mtn phone number, you’re definitely in the right place. In this post you’re going to find out how you can see and get your mtn phone number or line with ease, stay tuned.

Mtn Nigeria is the largest telecom operator in Nigeria with over 60 million Nigerian subscribers to their network. That is to say that most if not all Nigerians have an mtn sim. Some people even have more than one mtn sim, me for example have 3 sims on the mtn network.

I have seen folks that have more than that on the mtn network, not including other telecom operators. In this case such individual with multiple sim cards wouldn’t care much or concern themselves about knowing their mtn number for each mtn line.

You might be thinking, what’s the need of knowing all your mtn phone number since apart  from your main mtn line they don’t really serve any official purpose to you, thus no point of trying to know them.

But what if the need for those mtn phone numbers arises, let’s say you want to create new account on social media with a different mtn phone number or you’re filling a form that requires more than one phone number?

In such cases what would you do? Don’t tell me you would be carrying along with you your mtn sim pack in cases where the need for your mtn phone number arises? It’s totally ridiculous. That’s why it’s important to find and know your mtn phone number or how to view it when the need for it arises, so below is how to check your mtn phone number in order not to be stranded when the need arises.

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How to know my mtn number

Mtn Nigeria made it possible for its users to be able to check their own mtn phone number. This literally means you can have access and view your own mtn phone number anywhere anytime. Before now mtn users only rely on their mtn sim pack ( the pack containing your sim when you buy one, it also contain the phone number of the new sim, PUK etc) for their phone number or they wirte it down on paper and always refer to it whenever they seem to have forgotten the number.

But such is no longer the case now because mtn has made it easier for you for you to know your mtn phone number using your phone and the mtn line. So without wasting further time let’s see how you can view or see your mtn phone number.

How to see my number on mtn

There quite a few ways to check and know your own phone number on mtn but firstly we’re going to see the 2 basic ways of doing this. Note that you must use a phone and the mtn sim must be inserted in the phone that you’re using to check the number.

If your phone and sim is ready

  • Dial *123# (you’ll be asked to choose an option from the menu)
  • Select 1 – Account Info
  • Select 1 – My Number

Once you select that, your mtn phone number will be displayed to you instantly. You’ll also receive a message immediately which reads “ Y’ello Your mobile number is XXXXXXXXXXX.

Another easier way to view and know your own mtn phone number is by simply dialing *663#, once you dial it, your mtn mobile number will be displayed to you instantly and you’ll also receive a message containing your own mtn phone number.

The aforementioned are basically the 2 ways you can use to find and see your mtn phone number. With that you can always have and get your mtn phone number handy anytime, anywhere. Gone are those days when we have to write our phone number down or carry our sim packs in order to access our mtn phone number.

Even the idea of calling or flashing some close to you and request for your phone number from them is totally unnecessary and time wasting. Why call or flash someone and ask them to call out your own mtn phone number to you when you can simply dial *663# and have your mtn phone number displayed to you instantly?

In Summary

How can i get my mtn number

To check, know and get your own mtn phone number dial *123# > Select 1 – (Account Info) > Select 1 – (My Number) and your phone number on mtn will be displayed to you instantly. You can also dial *663# to view your mtn number.


That’s how to check and view your own phone number on mtn. There’s no need calling your friend or mtn customer care asking for your phone number. With the above step you can easily know and get your mtn phone number anywhere, anytime. If this post was helpful to you, do well to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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