How To Check ETISALAT Night Plan Balance With Code in 2023

How to check 9mobile night plan balance

how to check etisalat night plan balance

For all my fellow etisalat night plan subscribers who want to find out how they can check their night plan balance, worry no more we got you covered, you’re going to find out in this post stay tuned.

Etisalat which have now being rebranded to 9mobile is one of the telecom service operator in Nigeria, even though they are not are not the biggest in Nigeria, they have still found ways to serve and satisfy their customers and even attract more users to themselves on a daily basis.

If you’re an internet lover then etisalat is one of the sims you must have by your side. They always provide attractive data plans from time to time to give you the best experience and satisfaction you can ever get on the internet.

This brings us to the etisalat or 9mobile night plan which is one of the most attractive data plans provided by etisalat. This data plan allows you to browse, stream and download your favourite songs, videos and files during midnight hours at a very low and affordable cost.

If you have ever subscribed to this 9mobile night plan then you can agree with me that it’s truly a life saver. The etisalat night plan does not only allow you enjoy internet browsing during midnight hours but also helps to save and conserve your main etisalat active data plan.

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This means that if you have an active daily, weekly or monthly etisalat or 9mobile data plan, you can also opt in for etisalat night data plan, once the etisalat or 9mobile night plan is activated by 12am, further data deductions will be taken from your etisalat night data plan and no longer from your main regular data plan until your etisalat night plan expires or is exhausted. For more in-depth post about etisalat or 9mobile night data plan and how to subscribe click here.

Going back to our main topic which is how to check your etisalat or 9mobile night plan balance, most people complain about not knowing when their etisalat night plan have exhausted and they end up using up their main active data plan too.

This is why it’s important to know how to check your etisalat or 9mobile night plan balance so as not to make the mistake of using your main etisalat data plan when you don’t plan on doing that. Knowing how to check your etisalat night plan balance will help you monitor your data and once you exhaust it you’ll stop browsing immediately, unless you have other things you’re doing online that night.

But just know that subsequent data deductions will now come from your main active etisalat data plan once your etisalat or 9mobile night plan is exhausted or has expired. So without wasting more time let’s quickly see how you can check your etisalat or 9mobile night plan balance.

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How to check etisalat night plan balance

If you’re subscribed for the etisalat or 9mobile night plan and want to check your remaining night data balance dial *228#. Your etisalat night data balance will be displayed to you immediately, further details of your balance will be sent to you via text.

With this you’ll know your remaining etisalat night plan balance and also know when to stop browsing when you find out that you’ve exhausted your etisalat night plan, unless you don’t have an active daily, weekly or monthly etisalat data plan you’re already susbscribed to, then you don’t have to bother about checking your etisalat night data balance because you don’t have any other active data plan that will be deducted if you exhaust your night plan so there’s nothing to be afraid of.

You might also have other reasons for wanting to check your etisalat night balance, for example; you want to know the amount of data remaining and know whether to go ahead and download a particular song, video or file in order not to get stuck in the middle of your download you know stuff like that.

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That’s how to check your etisalat night plan balance, if this post was helpful to you don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.