How To Check Night Plan Balance On MTN With Code in 2023

How to check mtn night plan data balance

how to check night plan balance on mtn

How to check mtn night plan balance is one of the most common questions asked on the internet and today you’re going to find out how you can check your mtn midnight data balance, stay tuned.

Mtn is the largest growing telecom operator in Nigeria, they’ve being on the lead far ahead their competitors and have the most reliable and fastest network services in Nigeria.

Mtn Nigeria have over the years provided lots of amazing call and data plans to their customers even though their data plans seemed not to be all that affordable, there have being a great improvement in their recent call plans like the Awuf4u Recharge and one of their Top Deals data plan which includes the mtn 200 for 1gb data plan.

Also not forgetting their Mtn Pulse Midnight Browsing which have being enjoyed and satisfied a lot of their users. You can agree with me that the mtn night plan is indeed one of the best plans provided by mtn that allows their users enjoy internet browsing during midnight hours at a very low and affordable cost.

This means that with just a token you get to enjoy internet browsing music, video streaming and downloading during midnight without having your main data subscription touched. Although this only applies to when your mtn night browsing is still active, once it expires further data deductions will come from your active main data bundle but they question we’re asking today is how will you know when your mtn night data plan has expired?

Before now we don’t usually get any notification of our remaining mtn night data balance or when it expires, all we do is just hope that we still have enough left lol. But have you ever wondered how you can check your mtn night plan balance? Knowing how to check your mtn midnight data balance will save you from unnecessary anxiety and fear of exhausting your main mtn data balance.

By knowing your mtn night plan balance, you’ll know when to stop browsing, downloading or streaming and when to renew the mtn night plan. Without wasting more time let’s see how you can check mtn night browsing data balance but before we do that let’s quickly see how to activate night plan on mtn for the sake of people that are still new to it. I’ll be very quick on this.

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How to activate night plan on mtn

Mtn night data plan as the name implies is a plan that lets you enjoy browsing, streaming and downloading during night hours. Prior to this day the mtn night browsing could only be used between the hours of 12am to 5am but all thanks to mtn Nigeria who made an improvement to its validity and data by allowing users enjoy and have the best experience on the internet.

As of the time of publishing this post, the mtn night plan can be enjoyed from 11pm to 6am. That’s extra 2 hours of enjoyment! That is to say instead of waiting for the usual 12am, you can start enjoying your mtn night browsing once it hits 11pm and browse till the hour of 6am.

Not just that, instead of the usual 500mb limit per night, you can now enjoy a whooping 2gb of data every night for just 200 naira isn’t that amazing? All these and more you get to enjoy by being on the Mtn Pulse Tarrif Plan. That is to say you can’t activate the mtn night browsing plan unless you’re on the Mtn Pulse Tarrif Plan. If you’re not on the Mtn Pulse Tarrif Plan, click here to see how you can join the Mtn Pulse Tarrif Plan

If you are on the Mtn Pulse Tarrif Plan and want to susbscribe for the mtn night browsing

Dial: *406#

  • Select 4 – NightLife Bundle
  • Then Select 1 or 2 for 250MB @25naira or 500MB @50naira Pulse Nightlife
  • Select 1 to Confirm

This mtn night browsing will be activated once it’s 11pm and expire by 6am. Once you exhaust your first night plan subscription, you can subscribe again as many times as you want but you must not exceed 2gb per night. Having done that let’s dive into our main topic which is how to check night plan balance on mtn 

How to check mtn midnight data balance

There are basically two ways of checking your night plan data balance on mtn and both are through ussd code. The first way is by dialing *559*96#. Once you dial that, your mtn night plan balance will be displayed to instantly.

If you’ve exhausted your mtn night plan you’ll get a message like this “ Oops you currently have no active pulse night plan bundle.

Alternatively you can check your mtn night plan balance by dialing *406# > select 4 (nightlife bundles) > select 3 (balance) and your mtn night data balance will be displayed to you immediately.


how to check night plan balance on mtn. Using the above methods will help you to know how much of your mtn night data plan is remaining and when to subscribe again. If this post was helpful to you don’t forget to share it to your family and friends using the share buttons on this post.

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