Goji Berries Benefits for Male and Female – Fertility, Weight Loss

Goji berries benefits for male and female

Goji berries have been used over the years to solve several issues that the male gender could experience. And indeed, the goji berries have several benefits for the male gender as well as the females. Here, we will be looking at a handful of them;

Goji berries benefits for male

  • Goji berries help to improve the fertility of a male

Male fertility is a topic that borders upon factors like the sperm count, and motility of sperms. Most men suffer conditions relating to low sperm count, as well as sperms that have a low energy level. This prevents them from being able to impregnate a female. Now, goji berries, after being fed to these set of people for a time frame of two months, were observed to have improved their fertility rates.

On further studies, the berries were observed to have a constituent that prevents sperms from being overheated, a condition known as hypothermia. They were also observed to be able to increase the levels of hormones, quantity and quality of the sperms. Hypothermia is one condition that majorly leads to the major damages caused to sperms, and that is because they impose a stress of oxidation upon them.

The damage has been observed to extend to the DNA they contain, as well as increasing the levels of free radicals that would no doubt cause damage to the sperms. The Goji berries benefits for males in this segment can be achieved because they contain antioxidants which work to get rid of the free radicals. This way, the health of the sperms is improved to greater levels.

Goji berries have also been studied to improve sexual desire in males, as they are natural aphrodisiacs. They also help to improve the performance of a male sexually. Most of the traditional medicine workers have often time used the goji berries to cure issues like spermatorrhea. It is a condition in which a male releases sperms prematurely, even without the occurrence of a climax.

  • Goji berries are also good when it comes to the enhancement of the functions of the kidneys and liver.

They majorly help to regenerate these cells and to also shield them from the harmful effect of medications or chemicals that may be toxic to the liver. Now, when the livers are working correctly, issues like hormone balance can be easily solved. The toxins in the body can also be filtered out of the blood appropriately.

Are goji berries good for erectile dysfunction?

Erectile dysfunction is a condition where a man finds it hard to get an erection that is strong enough for sexual intercourse. Are goji berries good for erectile dysfunction? Yes! In a recent study of the benefits of the goji fruit, it was observed that goji worked to improve the levels of testosterone in the serum. This particular function was observed to be because of the antioxidants that are present in it.

Now, different drugs have been used to cure the condition of erectile dysfunction, and an example is Viagra. Instead, people now work with goji berries, as they have been shown to do the same things that the drug does in terms of getting rid of erectile dysfunction, this is one of the good benefits of goji berries benefit for male.

Do goji berries boost testosterone?

Testosterone is a hormone that is attributed to the male sex. The hormone works to improve the levels of development of sexual organs in adolescent males. There’s usually a need for the level of this particular hormone to be balanced in the body. Low testosterone levels usually lead to erectile dysfunction, osteoporosis, and reduced sex drive.

Goji berries have always been known to boost sexual fertility, and when consumed, they have been shown to significantly increase the levels of testosterone in males. The idea behind the consumption of goji berries is that they enhance the levels of adrenaline in the body. And adrenaline really is something that fires a male during sexual intercourse. Besides, these berries contain nutrients like Vitamin C and Iron, which further contribute to their use sexually.

Do goji berries boost testosterone? Yes! They have also been shown to contain I-arginine, which is one element that contributes intensely to the sexual performance of males. It boosts the sperm count, sperm motility, as well as the levels of testosterone.

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Goji berries benefits for female

Goji berries have been shown to have a thousand benefits for females.

  • They help with the loss of weight

Females are more prone to weight gain, and most times, it occurs as a result of the accumulation of fat in areas like the thighs, and the belly. These berries are mostly rich in fiber, and so, will make you feel full very quickly. You feeling full means that you consequently eat less. You can add the berries to your meals by blending them into your morning smoothie, yogurt or oatmeal.

  • Improves female fertility

These berries have also been studied to improve female fertility as they contain Vitamins like Vitamin A, and C. They also contain essential minerals like Calcium, antioxidants, Iron, Amino acids, and carotenes. These antioxidants have been shown to generally help to improve the fertility rates of females. The major cause of infertility in women is due to oxidative stress by free radicals. These radicals have also been shown to reduce the success of IVFs. And since the goji berries contain antioxidants, the problem is automatically solved.

The berries help to improve the quality of eggs produced by the ovaries. The eggs produced by the ovaries play a lot of importance in that they are the elements that are usually fertilized by the male sperm. The healthier they are, the more fertile a woman becomes. To get this particular benefit from the goji berries, all you need to do is incorporate them into your meals. Adding the berries to chopped nuts, and other dried fruits would go a long way in ensuring an increased fertility rate.

Goji berries benefits for female fertility

There are several goji berries benefits for female fertility and most of them are tied to the hormone, estrogen. Estrogen is one hormone that helps to regulate the functionality of the ovaries. The healthier the eggs produced by the ovaries, the more fertile the woman becomes.

Goji berries have also been shown to deal with issues relating to oxidative stress. Oxidative stress is an issue that has to do with an imbalance in the production of free radicals and antioxidants. Most times, the imbalance shifts in the direction where there are more free radicals. Now, goji berries since they contain antioxidants help to fight against the free radicals, and then, improve the health of the eggs produced by the ovaries.

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