GLO Unlimited Data Plan for WiFi 2023 (MiFi Unlimited Data Plan)

Glo unlimited data plan for wifi

glo mifi unlimited data plan

Information is power, this article will empower you with information about how to activate an unlimited data plan on your MiFi (Mobile-wIreless-FIdelity) device. The Glo LTE MiFi has the capacity to link about 10 devices that are WiFi-enabled simultaneously, devices like – Smartphones, tablets, laptops, computers, game consoles, smart TVs, etc. Glo LTE MiFi can be used for homes, small businesses, or individuals on the go.

Kindly note that all the data plan that works on the Glo sim card can work on your MiFi device. So, if you have the knowledge of the data plan that works on the Glo sim card, then you are good to go with the data plan that works on your MiFi device.

Globacom Nigeria announced a new data plan offer for its subscribers and also give away the Glo MiFi mini router, with 16 gigabytes of free data for just N16,000. With this, the MiFi is as good as being given away for free. The latest Glo data bundles are mouth-watering.

According to a press release issued by the telecom company which also prides itself on being Nigeria’s data grandmasters, Globacom said that the 4G Glo MiFi will offer the subscriber free 16GB of data plan, and allow to use for 12 months.

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About Glo MiFi Device

The Glo MiFi device is a choice for your home. That is, it is possible to give several users free access to the Internet (if they have the router password of the WiFi network). High-speed internet service for Glo 4G MiFi is backed by Glo 1 undersea fiber optic cable.

The MiFi 4G can connect up to 10 devices including smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, and others at the same time. The Glo MiFi also adapts to offices and event venues, being able to broadcast Glo 4G wireless Internet signals over a wide expanse of space.

For the new data rates, in addition to the basic data plan, which is already above market standards for each amount subscribed, all subscribers will also benefit from an additional 25% bonus for those who renew their data plans. before expiration.

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Benefits of Glo MiFi offer

– The New MiFi price for customers is ₦12,000 from all Glo outlets.

– 30 GB of free data upon activation valid for 30 days. This is a unique offer for each MiFi device.

– Additional 5 GB per month for 6 months only on the data plan.

Subscription to Glo Unlimited Data Plan for WiFi

Subscribe to one of the Glo MiFi Unlimited Data Plan below:

Price                    Data Size
₦2,000        –         4.5GB
₦2,500        –         7.2GB
₦3,000        –         8.7GB
₦4,000        –         12.GB
₦5,000        –         15.2GB
₦10,000      –         32.5GB
₦20,000      –         78.5GB

Note that there is nothing like an unlimited data plan, especially for the Glo (and other network providers) MiFi device. Once the data size allocated for the price you paid gets exhausted, the MiFi device will be extremely slow for the remaining days to the expiring date of the subscribed data plan.

Subscribing to Glo Data Bundle is as simple as dialing a simple USSD code (*777#) on your mobile device and you will receive a prompt message asking you to select the particular data plan or wish to subscribe to. Also, you can use the short code to send data to your family and loved ones, lend Glo data or credits, check Glo voice data merge, view international calling offers, and more.

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