How to Check Your Name on JAMB Admission List 2023

JAMB admission list

JAMB admission list

The JAMB admission list is usually released per the different schools that applicants apply to. Once a University conducts its Post-UTME, it forwards the list containing the name of the people that passed to JAMB. The list is known as admission list. JAMB would then use this admission list provided by the school to update its own list.

The JAMB admission list is usually updated regularly as some students who failed to meet the cutoffs for the respective departments that they applied to start to process a change of course. Some other students could even work out a change of institution on seeing that they do not meet the said cutoff. However, the issue of changing institutions is only feasible when the said institution hasn’t conducted its Post-UTME.

How to check your name on JAMB admission list

Do you want to know how to check your name on JAMB admission list? Here, we will be looking at the different procedures that you can take to go through with the process.

– Type in JAMB’s website address into any web browser of your choice. The address is this—

– The site takes you right to JAMB’s page, and there, you would be required to log in with the email you used for registration, as well as your password.

– The details provided above would directly link you to your page after you click the ‘Login’ icon.
On the dashboard of your page—which is more like the upper panel of the page—you would see the ‘Check Admission Status’ icon.

– Click the icon.

– You would see a drop-down menu for all the years that JAMB has conducted examinations.

– Click the year you wrote the exam.

– Click the ‘Check Admission Status’ again to see if your name appears on the initial or updated list. Whether it is the initial or updated list depends on the time at which you check.

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JAMB merit admission list

Before we delve right into the details regarding the JAMB merit admission list, let’s run a brief section on JAMB CAPS. What does JAMB CAPS mean? Joint Admission and Matriculation Board Central Admission Processing System—JAMB CAPS.

It is a portal that allows you to check the recent updates as regards your admission, as well as other related functions that you could probably want to run. You would find the portal for JAMB CAPS on your JAMB website.

On JAMB CAPS, you get to either accept or decline whatever admission was offered to you. Now, knowing the status of your admission first is very vital. Follow the processes below to get through with the process;

– Get access to JAMB’s portal via this link—

– Now, login to your portal on the website with your username and password details.

– Once the above process is successful, scroll down the screen till you get to the very end.

– Click the ‘Check Admission Status’ feature to continue.

– Choose your examination year and then, type in your registration number.

– Now, check if you have been given the admission.

If you have been given the admission into the course you applied for entry into, you can them begin to bother about the JAMB merit admission list. This list comprises of people that obtained admission into a particular university by merit. Merit is a word that defines you passing whatever cutoff has been made for your department. Once your school notes this, they send your name as well as that of others to JAMB.

However, if your name is not on the merit list, that isn’t all. JAMB usually would re-update its list due to the processes of the changes to institution and courses made on its website. That is why you’d sometimes hear of a University releasing a first list, second list, and in some cases, third list. These subsequent lists are as a result of other departments taking new additions. In some other cases, some Universities could also bring down the cutoff for selected people with disabilities.

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JAMB direct entry admission list

There are different routes through which an individual can get admitted into a university. One is admission through Post UTME, and the other is admission through Direct Entry. Before we delve into the JAMB direct entry admission list, let’s acquaint ourselves with what the Direct Entry feature means.

If you’d heard about Advanced Levels, you’d be properly aware of Direct Entry. Also known as A-levels, it is a route that involves you running for a program for about ten months. Thereafter, you write an examination organized by bodies like JAMB or NUC. If you pass the examination, you’d be granted direct entry into any University of your choice.

To qualify for the direct entry route of admission, you have to have at least five A’s in your O-Level result. The O-Level is also known as the WAEC examination. You also must not have more than two sittings for the examination. Once you fulfill all of these basic requirements, your name would be among the names included in the JAMB direct entry admission list.

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How to check Direct Entry Admission Status

To check your Direct Entry Admission status, follow the steps below;

  • On any internet browser of your choice, type in this link—
  • Login to your page with details like your Email and Password.
  • Once you have made a successful login, scroll down your screen and tap the ‘Check Admission Status.’
  • Choose your Exam Year
  • Type in your registration number.
  • Click ‘Check Admission Status’ to know whether you have been accepted or not.