JAMB Email Login 2023 – How to Login to JAMB Portal With Email

jamb email login

Jamb email login

The JAMB email login stands after you must have linked your email to your profile. Here, we will quickly look at how you can link your email account to your profile.

– The email linkage is done with 55019

– Forward a message to 55019 using the style below;

Email  [email protected] [email protected]

The style employed is you first typing out ‘Email’ and then, leaving two spaces between it and your actual email. Then, type the actual email twice. From the example above, [email protected] was used as an example. The actual email you use should not be one that you used for another JAMB registration in case you have done the examination before. You could easily open a new account for this purpose.

– Ensure that you have about N50 in the service provider (MTN, GLO, AIRTEL) that you use to send the message as it would be deducted after the service.

– You would then receive a message that confirms the processes above. The message is usually directed to the email address that you typed out when sending the message to 55019.

– Your password details would then be subsequently sent to that email.

Once you are done with the linkage, you can then go on with the JAMB email login procedures. All you need to do is log into your portal on the JAMB website. You would be required to enter details regarding your email and password. Ensure that the email that you type out is the one you registered with 55019 and that the password is the one that was forwarded to your email address shortly after.

Now, in case you do forget the password sent to you, and you wish to have it changed, you can then follow the procedures below;

Head over to https://www/jamb.gov.ng/efacilitylogin

You would be requested to provide details as regards the email you provided during your JAMB Registration.
Click ‘Password Reset.’

Your new password would be forwarded to your email.

You could also send a message to 55019 in order to retrieve your password. This method would be very feasible in case you do not have a stable data connection to follow through with the process described above.
Send ‘PASSWORD email’ to 55019.

Ensure that you send the message using the phone number that you entered in at the point of registration.

You would then receive a message from 55019 as regards your new password.

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I forgot my JAMB email and password

Recently, when some students had the need to go back to their JAMB portal to either get their result reprint or examination slip, statements like ‘I forgot my JAMB email and password’ were heard. If you fall into the category of people that need to know what to do, you can follow the procedures below for recovery.

– The first thing you can do is to check your examination slip to know. The printout you get when you need to know you examination center and the date you would be writing the examination on is the examination slip. It usually would contain your registered email address.

– For the password retrieval, you could just send a message to 55019 via the number that you used for the registration. Your password details would be sent back to that number.

– In a situation where you do not have your examination slip yet, or probably got it lost, you can just reprint it from any of the JAMB accredited centers using just your registration number.

– For retrieval of your JAMB password right from the JAMB portal, you can just tap the retrieve password feature. The password details would be sent right to the retrieved email address.

The one risky thing that you do not want to do is forget all the details that link up to your account. Ensure that you obtain all the necessary printouts when necessary, and then, have them stored up in a file. That way, you would always have something to fall back on. Also, if there is some password or username you are working with; ensure that you keep it penned down. At least that way, you’d be able to easily check back and remember if need be.

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