GLO Data Plan 1000 for 4GB Code 2023 – All You Need To Know

glo data plan 1000 for 4gb

Glo data plan 1000 for 4gb

Can you actually get 4gb for 1000 naira on glo? You know, glo being the grand masters of data have being known to provide one the best data plans in the country, so today, we are going to see if the Glo data plan 1000 for 4gb is still available.

As of recent you will notice that the telecom operators in Nigeria have really stepped up their game when it comes to data plans. Recently, they have been dishing out amazing data plans and bonuses to their customers. If you are an active reader and follower of our blog, by now you’re already familiar with the airtel 1000 for 4gb and mtn 1000 for 4gb, these and more are one of the blazing and hottest data plans in the country right now.

But we can’t talk about the hottest data plans without mentioning glo. Glo network have always being the lead when it comes to providing the best data plans. With that being said, let’s see what the grand masters of data have in store for us. Do they have the exact data offers like these other guys? Or do they have much better ones for us? Trust glo to always provide the best when it comes to data! So let’s find out.

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Glo data plan 1000 for 4gb code

The code for the glo data plan 1000 for 4gb initially was *777# > Buy data > monthly data plans. However, if you dial that code, you will notice some adjustments in those data plans.

What I’m trying to say is, at the time of publishing this post, there is no glo 1000 naira for 4gb. Before now glo users enjoyed this data plan until glo slashed it a bit.

As at this time, the available monthly data plans you can get on glo are listed below;

  • 2.9GB – N1,000
  • 4.1GB – N1,500
  • 5.8GB – N2,000
  • 7.7GB – N2,500
  • 11GB – N3,000
  • 15GB – N4,000
  • 22GB – N5,000
  • 29.5GB – N8,000
  • 50GB – N10,000
  • 93GB – N15,000
  • 119GB – N18,000
  • 138GB – N20,000

The above plans are valid for 30 days (1 month).

To activate any of the above monthly data plans on glo dial this code; *777# > Select 1 (Data) > Select 1 (Buy Data Plan) > Select either 1 or 2 (Auto-Renew or One-Off) > Select 2 (Monthly Plans) > Then select any of the monthly data plan of your choice.

These plans are really attractive; you get more value for your money. I highly recommend this plan for heavy data users who don’t want to be wasting money on data every month. These data plans will surely last for you.

If you don’t finish it before 30 days, you can renew the data plan before it expires then the unfinished/unused data will be added to the new one you activated.

To check your remaining data balance dial *127*0# and the details of your remaining data balance will be sent to you.

To see more of glo data plans including the mini, mega, special, social, night and weekend plans dial *777# or visit glo data plans for more information.

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