Benefits of Cloves Sexually in Male and Female – How to Use it

Benefits of cloves sexually to male and female

The benefit of cloves sexually is a topic that has been debated upon for years. And for that very reason, the issue will be critically discussed here. Cloves are more or less spices, as they have the aromatic effect, but then, even with that, they have also been seen to record some benefits in the area of reproduction and other sexually related factors. So let’s see how you can prepare and use cloves enhance sexual performance and its benefits to men and women sexually.

How do you use cloves sexually

Clove is also known to improve the sexual-related activities, and to also cut down the risks of sexual disorders in men. To get the effect of the clove leaves kicking, follow the steps below;

  • Get a handful of clove leaves.
  • Grind them into a powdery form.
  • Measure about one grams of the powder.
  • Dilute the powder in unadulterated honey.
  • You can then drink the result.

Clove is a botanical plant that contains several volatile oils, which when extracted from it becomes something that is referred to as the clove oil. Clove oil is one very form of clove that plays out a lot of functions sexually. However, when it is in an undiluted form, it could cause a whole lot of issues like rash, itching, and several other intense burns.

So, before the oil is used, it is important to have it diluted to very minimal, yet active concentrations that will go a long way to help carry out its intended function. Diluted clove oil, when rubbed across the surface of the penis can help to prevent an event called premature ejaculatɩon of sperms. And really, that is a huge benefit of cloves sexually.

However, for the clove to work, you have to ensure that you use it according to the dosages given below;
¼ teaspoons of clove powder twice a day. So, every day, you take ½ teaspoons.
One or two drops of diluted clove oil each day, for topical use. However, if you plan on ingesting the oil, you could dilute it with honey.

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Benefits of cloves sexually for males

In relation to males, the clove leaves are known to enhance their sexual activities, as it stands in the class of aphrodisiacs. It is majorly used topically, in order to get the maximum results. There are a lot of benefits of cloves sexually for males, and can be used when it is both in form of powder and in the form of oil. To get the oil from the clove leaves locally, follow the procedures below;

  • Get a handful of cloves.
  • Place them within a pan.
  • Place the pan on a fire that is set at medium heat.
  • After heating them slightly, turn off the fire, and then, move them into a mortar.
  • Use a pestle to crush the leaves until they turn into the form of powder.
  • You would get an oily extract from pounding.
  • Dab a cotton wool into the oil to apply after you must have had it diluted.

However, before you go ahead to apply clove oil onto the surface of any sexual organ, it is important to note that the plant has a chemical constituent that is known as eugenol. Eugenol is something that most people are allergic to. So, first, start by testing the oil out on a small portion of your skin. If you notice a reaction, reddening, or itching, you must ensure that you discontinue the usage at once. You could also dilute the clove oil with honey to reduce the effect to a minimum.

So, the benefits of clove sexually in males have a lot to do with the testosterone hormone. The hormone stands as the very reason the libido of males can easily be increased—i.e. its aphrodisiac properties.

Benefits of cloves sexually for females

The benefits of cloves sexually for females can also not be overemphasized. The plant has been recorded to increase the sexual desire of females when it is used.  It helps largely to help them get easily stimulated, as well as stimulates the arousal needed for the discharge of the needed lubricating fluids.

Cloves have also been recorded to stimulate the production of the female hormones, as well as the development of females during puberty. Examples of the hormones stimulated by females include oestrogen, which is responsible for most of the sexual related functions of the female system.

Other health benefits of cloves

1. Reduce risk of diabetes

High blood sugar can lead to risk of diabetes, however cloves contain essential compounds which help to reduce and regulate this blood sugar (glucose) thereby reducing the risk of diabetes.

2. Reduce stomach ulcer

Cloves produces gastric mucus. These mucus are what protects your stomach lining and they act as a barrier between your stomach lining from digestive acids thereby reducing the risk of stomach ulcers.

3. Helps liver

The eugenol content present in cloves can help and improve liver health and function and also help in reducing the risk of liver cirrhosis. The high antioxidants present in clove also helps to decrease oxidative stress which will also help to prevent liver disease. This eugenol also helps to reduce inflammatory response in the body thereby reducing the risk of other diseases.

4. Anti bacteria

The antimicrobial properties in clove can help to kill and stop the growth of bacteria. The clove oil was found to be effective in killing the common types of bacteria including E.coli and listeria another common bacteria which can  cause food poisoning.

5. Improves bone health

The manganese mineral present in clove is very beneficial to bone health. Manganese helps the body in the formation of bones and connective tissues. So including cloves to your diet will help to form and improve your bone health.

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